News: Archer/Watkins: Camp observations: Practice Report #2 Defense dominates day

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    By Todd Archer |

    ** LB Sean Lee met RB Phillip Tanner in the hole during the team-run period, which started a run of four straight plays in which the defense did not allow a carry to go more than a few yards. DE Monte Taylor stopped DeMarco Murray after TE Gavin Escobar was late off the ball and Cameron Sheffield ate up Tanner on a run wide to the left. The No. 2 defense saw DT Nick Hayden and Ernie Sims come up with a tackle for loss and a no gain.

    ** Over the last few years Jason Garrett has had individual players pulled for a snap when they make a pre-snap mistake. On Monday he replaced the entire offense. When the entire first-team offense moved and C Travis Frederick didn’t snap the ball, the No. 2 offense came in two snaps. When a shotgun snap from C Phil Costa was off to QB Kyle Orton, Garrett had the No. 3 offense come in for a snap. Garrett has been much more vocal with his displeasure in practice so far early in camp than he was in previous camps.

    ** A good offensive moment: on a swing pass from Romo, Tanner was able to outrun LB Bruce Carter to the edge for a nice gain. It was something Tanner would not have been able to do a year ago. He appears to be in better shape and sharper with his running.

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    Cowboys practice report: Day 2
    July, 22, 2013
    Jul 22
    PM CT
    By Calvin Watkins |

    OXNARD, Calif. -- Here's the Day 2 practice report from Dallas Cowboys training camp:

    *The early portions of practice saw several members of the offensive line get pushed to the ground on running plays. We're not talking about the third unit here, the first- and second-teams got knocked around by the Cowboys defense. During a DeMarco Murray run, four linemen hit the ground and two more on the next play, prompting one of the coaches to yell, "Gotta stay up." As the practice moved on, the linemen, especially the interior of the line, got better. However, coach Jason Garrett benched the first-team line after center Travis Frederick botched a snap to Tony Romo. When the line returned a few plays later, another coach yelled, "welcome back."

    *One team official said it's early, but after two days of practices, tackle Jermey Parnell is struggling. Last season he shared snaps with Doug Free at right tackle. While Free is having a solid two days of camp, Parnell looks slow getting off the ball and is having trouble defending Kyle Wilber off the edge. Ben Bass, a defensive tackle, slid past Parnell for a sack and he missed a block on a screen pass to Dwayne Harris.

    *Rookie wide receiver Terrance Williams got snaps with the first- and second-team units on Monday and was inconsistent. He was wide-open when he dropped a pass from Romo. Someone from the sidelines yelled at Williams for dropping the ball. Williams also dropped a pass on Sunday.

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    Costa should be off the team just because he can't eve handle snapping the ball. The fact that he is still on the roster is baffling.
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    Well at least Todd mentioned at the end of his report that in these camps defense always dominates the offense every year in the beginning. Not to mention helmet and no pads favor the defense anyway.

    Redardless I am happy about what I am hearing from the defense, I hope it stays this aggressive all year. The offensive side I am willing to hold off from taking anything significant since timing is very important and it takes time to develop.

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