Archer: What should Cowboys do with Carr?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Alexander, Feb 19, 2014.


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    No. We play zone because that's the scheme that Marinelli uses in his Defense. Always has.
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    He played press plenty with the Bears. The point is, without a pass rush, you could add five more guys in the secondary and it wouldn't matter.

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    I watch the Bears every week, regardless of if I want to or not. I have two Bears fans in my house. Press is not the standard for Marinelli's defensive scheme and I rarely saw them play it. They use a Tampa2 or Cover2. I don't know. I'm not seeing what you are seeing there.
  4. erod

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    Dallas played a lot of press the last few games. It actually worked somewhat against Washington and Philly.

    Carr is a good player, but without a pass rush, he's very average. With a pass rush, I think he'd play much closer to his contract.
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    I agree that Carr played much better in press then in zone. I mean, to me that's not even a question. The problem, so far as I am concerned, is that we do not play a lot of press. In fact, if there are numbers on it, I would bet that we don't play Press even 30% of the time. Yet, we are paying both of those CBs the way you would pay Press CBs, which are more expensive. We are not getting our monies worth.
  6. Alexander

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    I wonder why Carr is not being asked to take a pay cut like Ware is supposed to be. Honestly, the healthy overpaid CB is where I would usually start as opposed to the future Hall of Fame pass rusher who has been injured.

    I get where he could have "more leverage" but honestly, I have not researched it all that much.
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    NO argument on how bad Carr's been....just a train wreck of course. This is what happens when you have a billionaire oil and gas maverick playing fantasy football. It often times doesn't work out. We are the laughing stock of the league until JJ passes on or has an epiphany and steps down. (yeah.................right)
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    Carr played a lot of press, even when they were playing Cover 3.
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    There isn't any corner alive who would have prospered on our D with our crappy D line. Give QBs enough time and they'll burn any corner, and that's not just elite QBs, that's any decent NFL QB. Our corner problems are solved by getting a real pass rush. And we probably would have been fine keeping Jenkins instead of signing Carr. We did the same crap with him. Lousy pass rush and exposed corners. It's how we do crappy defense, and the result is the same whether it's in a 3-4 or in a 4-3.
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    Didn't Carr play some safety? Could he be used there and play Scandrick at CB? We could always do that if we miss on a top safety and pick up more depth at CB.
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    Subtract the $11m of dead money on the books currently for 2014 from that $130m. If they cut Ware and Austin make that $20m.
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    With the cap expected to increase to close to $150M next year, releasing DeMarcus Ware makes more sense for the future of the franchise than it ever has.

    I'm a huge fan of DeMarcus Ware and think he's been nothing but a consummate professional during his time with the Cowboys, but if Jerry & Co. really believe that the Cowboys are bigger than any one man (the TO release story with the napkin) then it's time to do the same for DeMarcus Ware, unfortunately.

    Of course, watch us release him and him go on to a) set the single season sack record in Seattle and b) total 4 sacks in a back-to-back Super Bowl victory for the Seahawks lol.
  13. casmith07

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    No, I KNOW that with any semblance of an NFL pass rush he would play well, because he did just a year before that, and so did Morris Claiborne.

    But that's the way CowboysZone goes -- they see stat lines and think that a player is a bum rather than looking at the totality of the circumstances. I hope nobody on this board ever gets jury duty because the defendant would be screwed off one piece of evidence.

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