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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by theebs, Dec 9, 2006.

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    That was a good clip. Archie had some good things to say about the Cowboys, and rightfully so.

    The Cowboys need to get some pressure on Drew Brees, much like we did on Peyton Manning. We also need to pressure the Saints into some turnovers to take the wind out of their sails.
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    I kind of looked at it as him making excuses for Eli... implied excuses, anyway. He's talking about how Romo got to sit and watch and how Rivers got to sit for two years in San Diego and learn while some young QB's just get thrown in there. Uh, who might that be Archie? Your two sons who neither one came into the NFL playing like Romo and Rivers are? Your youngest son who after almost 3 years as a starter isn't playing nearly as well as the guy you condemed to play in horrible San Diego? Nearly as well as an undrafted guy from E. Illinois?

    I think Archie does a pretty decent job of previewing Saints games... but don't think for a second that he doesn't think about his son's every time he talks about any NFL QB who is playing well.
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    Hey I don't fault Manning for that. It's human nature. He also spent lots of time talking about the Saints and it wasn't until the host brought up the Cowboys that our name even surfaced. Agree he doesn't want address Romo situation too much but did mention Romo having opportunity sit and learn and (left out) was the name of his 2 sons who didn't have that chance. BTW: Peyton played pretty good in his rookie season; brother Eli is not Peyton nor his father Archie.
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    I've always given Eli the benefit of the doubt. Young QB ... thrust into the limelight of the big City. Well, I still think it's not all his fault. But then again, man, is he inconsistent.

    I can't blame it on his lack of weapons, cuz he's got some serious weapons, and a great running game to boot.

    Something's just not right about Eli.

    The NY media is ripping him to shreads. I think it's effecting his play.

    Peyton is playing in a smaller market, where the Colts are IT. NY has the Yankees, Knicks, Rangers, and a host of other teams ... and the Giants are only a part of the NY sports scene. There's no mercy when it comes to poor and inconsistent play.

    Then again, Eli made his own bed. He has to sleep in it now.

    He didn't want to be part of the SD organization, and now they're only probably the best team in the NFL.

    But back to Eli's play ... he's undoubtedly on the bubble. Coughlin will be gone next year, and a new coaching regime may want someone more consistent back there. Let's just say, there will be no loyalty to Eli next season.
  6. CrazyCowboy

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    Eli is still going to be a force in our side for a long time......his last name is Manning--nuff said
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    so he basically guided his son to be an early starter :laugh2: rather than have him sit and watch, then play with the best TE and RB in the league
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    Yep, looks that way. He sure could be sitting pretty in SD, that's for sure.
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    Eli wouldve been sitting behind Brees in SD. :starspin
  10. Alexander

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    Honestly, what a loser like Archie Manning has to say about this team means nothing to me.


  11. burmafrd

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    Eli Manning will NEVER be as good as his brother; or his father.
    I have seen enough of him to absolutely believe that the game does not mean as much to him as it did to them; theylived and breathed and worked like dogs to make it; I see NOTHING like that in him. He is not a leader and he is not the guy to make the 3rd and 12 pass that the game depends on.
  12. ghst187

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    Mannings = Whiners

    Figures that he'd make an excuse for ShEli.
    Guess what?!?!? ShEli was not only a FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICK, but THE TOP PICK of the draft. He is expected to start pretty immediately.

    Romo was an UNDRAFTED FREE AGENT and an established passer with 40k career passing yards was in front of him.
    ShEli had the opportunity to go to SD and sit for a few years behind Brees but NOOOOOOOOOOOO Archie wanted him to go to NY. You wo-Mannings made your beds, lie in them babies.
  13. CowboyChris

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    lmao ShEli
  14. ghst187

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    i don't claim originality on that btw.
    someone else used here a long time ago, i liked it
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    Archie has no choice but to concede ROmo is the genuine article because he's schooled both his boys so if Romo is fraudulant than what would that make his offspring?

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