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    So, did we (CZ) lose old posts from the archives?

    I went back into the 2006 archives looking for a post back on May 15th, but the Fan Zone for 2006 shows only a single thread. (the one about tracking Jerry's jet)

    There seems to be lots of archive posts missing.
  2. Reality

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    The archives were created after-the-fact so the bulk of the Fan Zone archives are in the 2004 archives. The reason there are other forums in their correct archive years is because they were self-contained and usually dated by year already such as the 2006 Draft Zone. The 2004 Fan Zone forum should have all threads up until the start of 2007.

  3. Hoofbite

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    Where are the rest of them?

    I can't find any posts from like 2008, 2009 or 2010.
  4. Reality

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    From late 2007 until present, the threads are all in the Fan Zone with the News Zone showing the rest of the threads since it was added.

    It used to be that having one forum with a million posts in it caused issues for the software behind CowboysZone but that changed in 2008 with an update so we stopped archiving the main forums.

    By default, the threads in the Fan Zone only show for the last two weeks in order to make forum displays fast for users since few will care about old threads. To view the older threads, scroll down to the left bottom area where it says Display Options and select From the Beginning and then click the Show Threads button. After that, you can view threads in the Fan Zone forum all the way back to late 2007.

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    I wish our personal archives went back further than just Page 4. Is there any way to see anything past that?

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