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    Anyone mess with the platform?

    Completed my first project.

    I've wanted to mess around with the Arduino platform ever since I read about it.

    In case you don't know what an Arduino is:

    I wanted some kind of system to let me know when my water powered backup sump pump kicks on. Since my backup sump pump only kicks on when my primary system fails an added benefit of this system lets me know if the power goes out or the primary goes bad.

    Parts needed:

    1) Arduino Uno.
    2) Ethernet Shield (or wireless - I used XBee wireless modules).
    3) Flex sensor.
    4) 10k ohm resistor.

    I'm not going to get into the coding aspects of this project, but if you would like to see the source code PM and I'll put it up somewhere.

    There are many tutorials that you can follow to get up and running with Arduino. Whether you are using Windows, Linux, or Mac OSX, there is a solution for all your needs.

    - The Arduino board uses the flex sensor to monitor the water level in the sump pit. The Arduino unit is powered by a 9v battery. It's a very low power system.
    - Code on the Arduino board monitors the threshold setup by config code. When the flex sensor triggers (i.e. float is moved pass certain point) a notification routine is executed.
    - Another machine (old PC, will be getting a Raspberry Pi in future) monitors second wireless device. Server side code will then email /text (using verizon vtext) that the backup sump kicked on. This system sits on a UPC.

    The Arduino platform is pretty cool and very powerful. My next project will incorporate a Raspberry Pi and be the 'brains' of my home automated system.

    Future plans:

    - Control the lights and cooling/heating system from my smart phone.
    - Home made Cloud storage accessible from outside of my LAN using VPN.

    You're only limited by your imagination.
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    Ordered a Raspberry Pi. It came in last night.

    Fun little piece of kit.

    Had to dust off my Linux skills.

    Did some research and found that the Raspberry Pi can be used as the 'brain' of a home automation setup.

    Using open source API's I should be able to control my home lighting, security system, and thermostat. Utilizing off-the-shelf products (X10, Insteon, etc) I should be able to build a system that will let me remotely control my home system

    e.g. driving home from dinner or a movie I can raise my home temp, turn on the indoor lighting. I could even brew a pot of coffee if I wanted to!

    Crazy the stuff you can do now with cheap kits.

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