Are Carter, Lee, and Murray busts?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CyberB0b, Jan 7, 2013.

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    The OP may have been better off asking if these 3 players were mistakes...and if they can't get on the field they will be. Drafting talented players that never see the field due to injury issues does not help us and ends up hurting us in the end...ala Murray. When he goes down, as he always has, we lose the running game and a position you think is covered ends up being a weakness. So the OP makes a legitimate point generally. And the taco responses are oh so hilarious. No wonder people don't even bother after a
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    Yeah, I don't think that it is unreasonable to factor in durability when analyzing the success of a player/draft pick. Carter Murray and Lee are concerns at this point, but they have not been around long enough to be considered fully injury prone, Miles on the other hand, looks to be chronically lame in his prime.

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    Lee and Carter weren't steals. We got them where we got them because everyone who passed on them was worried about their injuries, which is exactly how the early part of their careers has played out.

    There was never any debate about the talent. It was about the injury risk. So far it's not working out. If Lee can't stay healthy next year we need to move on from him.
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    Not when you are a gambler with a unique management structure that answers to none. :)
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    Alot like Lee's college buddy from LBU, Paul Posluszny. Couldn't stay healthy in Buffalo, they had to move on after 4 years. Unfortunately for them, he's played all 16 the past two seasons in Jacksonville and been pretty great for them.

    The issue is, because of the cap, you need to get good production from your rookie classes BEFORE they get to their second deal. You need that value and production while they're earning their second deal. We aren't getting that from our classes, and alot of it is because we draft players who are injured or have a history because we feel they are future value picks. By the time we get value it's time to pay them.
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    It is a concern. Murray and Lee especially; Carter not so much.
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    Injury prone players aren't typically good to keep around long-term however when they play as well as Carter and Lee you have to take a chance and believe it will work out...

    Murray on the other hand is starting to become an annoyance to me.
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    Lets see how next season plays out before we judge them. If all three get injured again and miss games, then I will start becoming concerned.
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    Great post. Both Lee and Carter were 2nd round picks because of injury histories. Otherwise, both were likely 1st round picks.

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    They're much more likely to be "busts" in Canton than the kind of "busts" you're thinking about.
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    I don't know if you read my posts from yesterday but I was bringing up these 3 guys when trying to defend Mike Jenkins. The fans have been hating on Jenkins the majority of his career. Aside from some character issues and that one bad season when the whole team quit, Jenkins has been very similar to Lee, Carter and Murray. They're all good players who have injury concerns.

    If the Cowboys were confident that Jenkins would stay healthy, they wouldn't have went out and got both Carr and Claiborne. Jenkins is a starting CB on any team in the league. But I agree with the Cowboys' decision to move on from Jenkins and get starting CBs they can rely on.

    So what's to say we shouldn't treat Lee, Carter and Murray the same way? If Lee misses 8 games next season and his contract expires, do you really want to sign him to a massive contract? What about if Carter and Murray continue to miss games throughout the rest of their contracts?

    I just don't like how people show a hatred toward Mike Jenkins and never say anything wrong about Lee, Carter and Murray when they're all eerily similar. Cowboys fans tend to overrate their players. Sean Lee has shown potential to be a top 5-ish ILB in the league. Carter has really only played about a half a season in his first 2 years. And Murray showed glimpses of brilliance but so did Felix and Julius Jones.
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    Don't get ahead of yourself. I'll give you Sean Lee. Lee still hasn't shown he is a Patrick Willis LB, but he has shown potential to be a top 5-ish LB in the league. Carter hasn't done much to be treated like a superstar. He started about half a season in 2 years. He looked good but so did Anthony Spencer his 2nd season and look how people treat Spencer. Murray hasn't really done anything. RBs come and go. Murray has never broken 1,000 yards in a season. Don't use the word "Canton" when referring to Murray.
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    This *3
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    All 53 players on our roster are injury prone. It's football and it happens. Jerry is an aggressive drafter, sometimes that bites us in the butt and sometimes it pays off.
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    :bang2: :lmao:
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    And yet, you did.
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    I don't consider any of the three as proven players yet.

    But clearly if they stay on the field they are very good.
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    If the players aren't getting the same sort of injuries that they had in college, this is just blather.

    If the player only had a single injury in college, he's not proven to be injury prone.

    And even when this all lines up properly (ie, someone like Frank Gore), he can still be worth it.

    Blather thread, full of blather, that I will not blather on about anymore.
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    Once again people making up stuff about Carter being injury prone. He missed 1 freaking game in college due to injury. His knee was injured in the second to the last game of the season his senior year that is why he barely played his first year in Dallas the knee injury happened so late his senior in college career:banghead:. He had one injury with 4 years starting in college
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    If healthy this is your new core. Add in Claiborne and Dez as well. That's who we should build around.

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