Are Cowboys Deficiencies able to be fixed this offseason?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jkyle, Apr 12, 2017.

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    The defense has been the weaker link for quite some time. Even when the offense wasn't a true contender, they were still our strongest unit.

    Right now I see Lee, Byron, Collins & hopefully Brown are our building block anchors. Maybe Scandrick as well, but I'm not sure about that. Crawford & Demarcus could have fully healthy seasons which ought to help. Irving, Tapper & Jaylon (& Gregory) are still question marks, but should add something to the mix. Most of the rest are decent/solid types that every team needs. So that's a bunch of above average players, but really only a few actual difference makers.

    And still they kept everybody to around 20 points last season.

    If we can find 2 or 3 upgrades this draft it should keep them on track.
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    You must not have got the memo.

    It's all a process.
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    That's part of the problem as well, spending excessively on some players to the detriment of the cap. It's an old habit that needs to be corrected.
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    That last paragraph makes good sense to me. Overpaying foolishly for players often causes a major strain on the cap for years. It's a common mistake that begs for relief. Restructuring can then become a crutch as a bailout for that mistake. Paying big money for guaranteed contracts up front oftentimes invites ongoing restructuring for years when it might otherwise be unnecessary or at least, considerably less commonplace.
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    If the player is worth the money, it's a good contract regardless of how how it's structured.

    The real strain comes from bad contracts regardless of how they're structured.

    Players require guaranteed money in contracts now even if the team does not need to front load for cap purposes.

    It's like BPA in the draft. Pick a Super Star and it works out regardless of position (Zeke) . Pick a dud and the team suffers.

    If Brandon Carr had been Deion-2, then it would have been a good contract even if it maxed out the cap; however, instead it didn't max out the cap but it did tie him to the team for multiple years preventing them from giving that same or even bigger contract to a better player. I would have been happy to pay a CB like Richard Sherman 5/70M over Carr at 5/50M during that time frame even if it maxed out the cap.

    I think they are trying to avoid being tied to a Carr type player more than they're tying to minimize cap spending.

    If a Deion type Free Agent ever becomes available, then I think you're see them spend money in FA. Deion was as close to a guarantee performance wise as any FA ever. Few since then have been guarantees. The Broncos gave Ware 30M, most of it guaranteed and he had significant health problems. They say Detroit was more concerned about Suh's antics than his impact on the cap to keep him. The near guarantee type FAs generally get re-signed by their own team. Stephen/McClay believe that the probability of a free agent being worth the contract is much higher when you re-sign your own players. Tyron, Fred, Lee, etc. types don't make it to FA.
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    Of course, drafting "BPA" is subjective and depends on your objective. Our objective is to fix our defense while maintaining strength is other areas like O-line. I think it can and will be done.
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    It should be something like Best Tier Player Available. Don't pass on LeSean McCoy if you have him as the only remaining 1st rounder when he is available in the 2nd round.
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    Not a bad point. But not having played football for an entire year is not a good thing. The last time they played they were playing against college kids. You can study all you want and you can learn the defense all you want, but until you get out there and start rushing the passer against guys like Smith, Fredirick and the other great lineman of the NFL in means little in my opinion.

    And lets not forget that Tapper was what? A 3rd round pick, 4th round pick? And he has a back problem. All not good things. If Tapper every becomes anything for this team it would be an incredible thing. To count on him to be the missing pass rushing demon for this team would be foolhardy in my opinion. And even the Jones' admit that pass rush is our biggest weakness. And they saying that knowing Tapper is on the team.
  9. CowboyRoy

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    Oh yah. A one year punk deal. How much confidence could they have in him? He is a scrub. Lets not pull punches here. And I am sure they know they will be going crazy in the secondary during the draft.
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    Enough "confidence" to pursue him two years in a row anyway.

    And that "one year punk deal" is exactly what they were offering to Carr and Claiborne. Neither of those guys were the future, but merely bridge players while the rookies they inevitably draft this year and next get up to speed to take over and become that future.

    I fully expected them to make a concerted effort to restock the secondary whether Carr or Claiborne returned or not. Neither one of them was going to get a long term deal either.

    I don't see where any of this is now "news".
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    You have at least 3 years before you have to start worrying.
  12. Verdict

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    When a player was drafted is irrelevant. Richard Sherman was a 5th rounder, Dak a 4th rounder, Brady a 6th rounder. People need to give up the idea that where a player was drafted somehow limits thier ceiling. It doesn't matter at all, other than the amount of money they are paid.
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    Well, I am not even going to try arguing with a guy that says the round doesnt matter. That is about as naive as it gets. Next naive thing you are going to tell me is the money they get paid doesnt matter either. Like a guy getting paid 1 million per year is typically not going to be a better player then the guy signed for 10 million. Maybe Jones should just trade his first two round picks for like 10 6th rounders. Accordiing to you, the round doesnt matter.

    How about the value chart that Jimmy Johnson created for trades? Who knew that all didnt matter. The whole NFL is using it and it doesnt matter. :lmao:
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    Using that logic, we should have never given Romo the opportunity to play QB. Once a player is drafted teams should forget what round they drafted a player. The player rises or falls based on performance, not his draft position after he is drafted. To think otherwise is pure folly.

    You could pay a paraplegic 10 million per year to play football but that wouldn't make him a better player because you paid him that much per year. Come on. No one is stupid enough to believe that. But that's where your your argument ends up if you take it to an absurdity.
  15. CowboyRoy

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    Nah you are completely over exagerating the point. The round DOES matter based on statistics and what TYPICALLY happens. Now a guy in a lower round can definitely become great, but the odds are lower. Those are just the facts. Guys are drafted higher because they are projected to be better. I didnt make it up. Its why people trade up. Its why higher picks are more valued. Now Jaylon Smith has a BETTER shot at becoming great not only because he was drafted in the 2nd round, but more importantly, because he was a consensus top 5 pick based on his talent and play from college. But to say a 4th or 3rd rounder with back problems that didnt play a down could be the answer to our pass rush problems is a complete stretch.
  16. CowboyRoy

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    So what has been Tappers performance since he was drafted? He hasnt had one. And he is hurt. So you going to sit there and tell me those things dont matter either?

    And what idiot is going to pay a handicapped player 10 million to play in the NFL. LOL Your analogies are so beyond laughable just like your point is.
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    Giants have not done much in that direction.

    And their F/A signings will start to be a problem in a few years.

    They are still not drafting good young players.
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    It is irrelevant where a player was drafted because draft evaluation is an inexact science. My last post was taking your argument to a logical absurdity to point out the fallacy it is.

    I agree with you that Tapper hasn't played a down yet but you are avoiding my point which is you can't discount Tapper because he was drafted in the 4th round.

    If you want to continue to dwell on the draft pedigree when player like Brady, Romo and thousands of others have shown how far off evaluations often are, go ahead. But I prefer to live in reality.
  19. Verdict

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    Statistically speaking you are correct that the higher a player is drafted can be an indicator of future success, but once he is drafted draft position is irrelevant. You just find out if your player evaluation was correct or not.

    Dak wasn't drafted until the 4th round so expectations were set lower than they should have been for him. Instead of stubbornly believing he couldn't amount to much because of his draft stays the team went by what they say on the field, which is all that really matters.

    Who is stuck on the fact that Dak is likely to fail because he was a 4th round pick? No one with any sense at all is making that argument now, because draft position doesn't matter, the ability to play is what matters now.
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    Not entirely sure calling Tapper hurt is accurite.

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