Are Cowboys Fans prepared to pay the price of a new QB?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by intelmax, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. intelmax

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    So work is pretty brutal today.. and all i keep hearing is how we need to trade romo and start over. And believe me that third int was like a shot to my heart but honestly i have this question.

    Are cowboys fans really ready to be 4-12, 3-13 and a bottom dweller for a few years?

    Trust me, theres not going to be another Andrew luck, Robert griffin and Russel wilson draft in another 10 years.This years draft is weak and i dont know about next year. I became a fan during the carter years, i know what failure feels like but i am not sure some of our more fickle fan base can understand what it feels like to be a bad team.

    would you really trade 8-8 for a couple 4-12 seasons and hope that the QB we drafted ends up being elite?

    face the facts folks, we have had a chance to be in the playoffs for two years in a row now. And although we blew it, i would rather have a chance that to be rebuilding again. We got incredibly lucky that an UDFA QB turned out to be the QB that he is for us, look at the cardinals they would probably give a left arm for romo. And what about Dez and all our other young receivers? Don't you think their growth will be stunted by a rookie QB?

    So many people think we should just blow it up and start over but i dont feel that way, not when we are close..but thats what you get with Romo/Farve :/

    Anyway sorry for the long post i just had to get this off my chest, now if you excuse me i am going to be depressed for the rest of the day now..:(
  2. CitySlicker202

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    I said in a previous thread Manziel looks to be a game changer at the next level. The type of guy Jerry Jones "might" give up the house for if need be. I'd personally hate it, but yea, the kid can absolutely ball.
  3. Gameover

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    Beyond ready..
  4. Doomsday

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    Im pretty sure we can be just as mediocre with Orton or some one else at QB
  5. intelmax

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    Are you really? Because trust me there's nothing worse than not having hope for the playoffs year in and year out. Trust me man there's not good QBs coming out of this years or next years draft.

    And Orton lost his job to Tim Tebow.
  6. DBOY3141

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    Wilson went in the 3rd round.

    Andy Dalton went in the 2nd.

    Kapernick went in the 2nd.

    A good front office can find a QB in the 2nd or 3rd that can lead a team.

    Romo is not a leader and will always choke when the spotlight is the brightest.

    No way I would sign Romo to an extension. He has had his time and proven that he is a .500 QB. Time to move on.
  7. jazzcat22

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    Then resign Romo, stay in the playoff race chances...and in 3 years, it will be be time to trade the entire draft if need be, to get Manziel.
  8. Wood

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    If your asking me if I am ok with Dallas going 4-12 next year and then being in better position to truly have post season success going forward my answer is an emphatic YES!
  9. CyberB0b

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    No, he sucks. Great college QB doesn't mean great NFL QB. Look at Vince Young and Tim Tebow. Two of the greatest college QBs of all time and they are bums in the NFL.

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    What have any of those guys done to tell you they're better than Romo?
  11. intelmax

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    But with who? I just think we are so close.. Literally i can almost taste it. Look at all the injuries this year and we were still in position to make the playoffs.

    Give it 2-3 more years.. then blow it up.
  12. cajuncocoa

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    I will predict now that this new QB will not matter, just as it hasn't mattered that we went through a whole carousel of coaches since Jimmy. Until Jerry turns the management of this team over to a GM who knows how to evaluate talent and make good off-season decisions, that new QB will suffer the same fate that Romo has: a horrible O-line and unpredictable WRs.
  13. Wood

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    thats sick joke right?
  14. thewireman

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    There's no difference in 4-12 and 8-8 except draft position.
  15. CaptainMorgan

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    The better question is this, the Tony Romo contract situation.

    He is under contract for 2013. Is the best decision for the franchise to extend him at 33 years old for say another 7 years and pay him what its going to take to get it done? Do you wait out next season and see how he does and possibly franchise him in 2014 if comes down to it?

    We have been burnt so many times in the past extending aging vetrans. Up until last night I was sure extending him was the answer, now sadly I just dont know anymore.

    He is a good QB and I know what we went through between him and Aikman but if he folds in big games what is the point?
  16. TheCoolFan

    TheCoolFan Well-Known Member

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    Yes I'm fine with it. We'll get to rebuild the proper way at QB, something we were never afforded in the post-Aikman Era because Jerry made that dumb trade for Joey Galloway.

    People keep bringing up Quincy Carter, Anthony Wright, Hutchinson and Henson but come on...those were just bargain basement QBs/reclamation projects. If we actually invested in a true elite prospect then that's a different story.

    And let's not act like a rookie QB will bring us back to the three straight 5-11 years. We don't know that for sure because the overall talent level on this team is still MUCH better than 2001.
  17. intelmax

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    We were one game away.. is that not better than 4-12?

    Also TheCoolFan you make a good point, we haven't really invested in an elite QB prospect but that's the problem. There are none this draft and nest year is not looking any better.
  18. Hook'em#11

    Hook'em#11 Well-Known Member

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    Yes, I am..

    Dez is young. Murray is. Defense seems pretty young.

    Few older players that can possibly squeak out a few years.

    It is time. Romo is what he is.

    And, it sucks. Because I like Romo. But, been too many times where he has the chance to rise and doesn't..

    He ain't alone though. The defense needs work too. Maybe hit with Romo for another year, but, they gotta find someone else at QB.
  19. perrykemp

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    Dalton is getting paid $612,000 this season. He has thrown 27 TDs this season vs 16 Interceptions. He has led the cruddy Bengals the playoffs both of his 1st two seasons in the league.

    Kaepernick is getting paid $607,000 this season. His QB rating is near 100.

    Romo's salary was $9,000,000. He hasn't led his team to to the playoffs for 4 years (2009). He was one of the league leaders in interceptions.

    Which guys provides more value when you look at their production vs their salary?
  20. CitySlicker202

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    Well, at least three 1st Rd'ers perhaps. But the way I see it, you guys can either hope for a 2nd or 3rd round QB to turn into a star....or realize that you might have to give up some of the future to secure a can't miss prospect (especially if Manziel has another Heisman like performance during his sophomore year).

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