Are Cowboys Fans prepared to pay the price of a new QB?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by intelmax, Dec 31, 2012.

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    This is hyperbole. I'm no way near wanting to get rid of Romo but you don't have to be a bottom dweller for years when you do. I suggest you pay attention to the league. The Colts are in the playoffs with a rookie QB. As are the Seahawks and Redskins. The 49ers are in with a 1st year starting QB.

    This is a bad league. The quality of play is the lowest in my lifetime. Throw all the old rules out about windows and rebuilding. You retool every year with a chance to compete.
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    Yes, true, but, just saying that a change has to be made at some point in the next season or season after.

    Romo is what he is.

    Still, There could be a QB on a team right now that could come here and it could just click.. Doubt it, but it has happened in the past.

    I don't think there were that many good QB's coming out of the draft last season. I heard of Luck and Griffin. that was it.

    ANything can happen.

    But, something does need to happen. On both sides of the ball. Everywhere. lol

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    Yes, you're basing this off one career start with the Browns. For all we know Cousins is the next Matt Flynn.

    I'm fine bringing in a young guy like that and developing him. Do that this offseason. That doesn't mean you need to ditch Romo though.
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    the O-line
    supporting players
    turnovers (yes, Romo plays a huge part in this one)

    all have played a part in our demise in these win-or-go-home games.
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  6. Hook'em#11

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    And, in Romo's defense.. Wilson AND the rook in Frisco have great defenses. And are good teams.

    Romo doesn't and hasn't had that luxury..

    He is still making the same bad decisions when it counts the most. Maybe it's because he has too much on his shoulders. I can agree to that.

    I just think that in his time here. He has shown what he is. Sure, I think he can Trent Dilfer his way into a Super Bowl win. But, that isn't going to happen in Dallas.

    I hope next season that Romo and the Cowboys flourish no doubt and win it all..

    It's just getting harder and harder to believe in Romo being that QB that takes them there.
  7. BrassCowboy

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    really? does a 4-12 team tell you future is anytime soon or that you have atleast something to work on?

    this is the same mentality as all those fools who think we should throw games to get better draft position. Like any REAL fan would want that
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    Are there any QB's in the upcoming draft that are good at reading the defense while a blitzing linebacker runs at him unblocked? If so let's draft him. Romo isn't good enough to handle that. He's the problem.
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    A new QB, especially a rookie, won't matter as long as Garrett is the HC. We had a chance to get to the play-offs in spite of JG not because of him. Say what you will about Romo, but it was because of him we had any chance at all. That's a pretty big leap to think that some rookie QB is going to have have any success under Garrett's tutelage after what he has shown us so far. His gameplans don't set up the players for success.
  10. Wood

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    I feel sorry for you...I really do. That was magical time for us fans. But downside is once you experience something that good...when you see bad (like now) it really hits harder because you just know it doesn't look right.
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    Says who? How do you know that? Tom Brady was drafted in the sixth round. And mediocrity sets a franchise back, not getting and stockpiling talent with draft picks.
  12. BrassCowboy

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    I do not think our problems are all on Romo as Romo is the only reason we have as many wins, with this group of players, as we do.

    The problem with Romo and why he "may" need replaced is that he may be a bit of a distraction. We may need to get a rookie QB in here so that when he is getting crushed, we can focus on the real problems with this team.
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    Lol yea its rough.. Sometimes i watch old highlights and feel like those cowboys must be from a different dimension and i was just born into a world were the cowboys were always like this.
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    I completely agree. It seems like he doesn't care what the talents of players are, he just wants to run his own philosophy on offense regardless of what the collective talent of the team is.
  15. birdwells1

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    I agree, i just think that the focus on building around the old core (romo, ware, witten, Austin and Ratliff) should shift to the new core (Murray,dez, Smith,Carter, Lee, Harris, and Claiborne). In doing so we will have to transition to another qb, maybe not next year but soon after that. I'm afraid when we seriously compete again Romo won't be our qb.
  16. ufcrules1

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    lol @ NOT wanting to get rid of Romo. You must LOVE 8-8 records and 18th in draft every year. We could fix the trenches here by trading Romo and a few others on this team.
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    As far as i remember Colts and Vikings were 2 of the worst teams last year.

    Colts 2-14
    Vikings 3-13
    Redskins 5-11

    They do not seem to have much more to work on. Its all about how good you draft and having the highest pick sure does help when good players are available.
  18. BrassCowboy

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    I agree with this. The playcalling is so bland and vanilla. In that game yesterday, I saw that direct snap to Murray and was like "Did we get a new OC for this game?"

    Why our guys are never prepared for anything such as full blown blitzes EVERY SINGLE 3RD DOWN play, and when you need like 5 yards to be in field goal range and you have the opportunity to catch opponents with too many players on the field, instead of hiking it quickly you pretty much wait for them to leave the field..... Unfortunately this is an ongoing trend even before Garrett (with the exception of with Bill Parcells). Jerry really should get a real GM who will bring in a reputable HC who will then in turn hire his own coaching staff.
  19. birdwells1

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    I'm not saying to get rid of Romo now but after next year if we're not deep in the playoffs then its time to go in a different direction.

    About Cousins, he looked good in pre season also and he performed admirably in his one start and the game winning drive when rg3 was hurt. He is just an idea and if the scouting department deems otherwise that's OK to.
  20. BrassCowboy

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    yeah, but I don't remember seeing Romo at the draft table.

    I would never want my team to drop a game for any reason at all.... teams like the bengals and lions of old had that attitude and what did they have for many many many years? a losing attitude.

    No real fan would give two craps about draft if it meant throwing games. GM needs to be better at finding gems with later picks.

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