Are Cowboys Fans prepared to pay the price of a new QB?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by intelmax, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. birdwells1

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    You want to win battles we're trying to win a war.
  2. BrassCowboy

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    really, so how do you propose we find 4 olinemen, WRs not named Dez and maybe Harris, and a top QB worth a grain of salt out of college in one offseason?

    That is not even considering the very very big deficiency we have in the HC / playcalling department.

    How about us having a defense full of 3rd and 4th stringers starting due to injuries? We were never going to really compete in the playoffs with this group anyways, and frankly we won much more than we should of considering and that is because Romo was the one gem that gave us a chance to win.
  3. BrassCowboy

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    sounds good, but lets keep our talk to football
  4. tupperware

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    We're already paying the price for our current one. I don't see the difference anymore.
  5. hornitosmonster

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    I seriously doubt it. They think it is plug and play. never mind that Seattle, Denver, Atlanta, and the 49ers spent years building up. All they see is plug and play.
    They cant even handle 8-8. Imagine when this team is 3-13 or 4-12. And that is with Dez, Demarco and co.
  6. ayjackson

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    Romo is the best available QB for next year and maybe the year after. But we could be developing a second or third rounder into a starter in the meantime.
  7. alohawg

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    The entire culture needs an overhaul, a different mindset starting at the top. Does Romo need to go, yep, he's part of the losing/choking mindset, damaged goods, imo.
    Let's move on, start the rebuilding now and use the draft to address line and secondary issues, mainly at safety. Free agency for skill positions, wr, rb and qb.....some pretty decent names will be on the market over the next year or two.
    Doing basically nothing and expecting change is indeed insane, stop the insanity now.
  8. reddyuta

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    you may be right but we have to do due diligence on some of these college QBs,We need to consider drafting one in the first 3 rds.
  9. MartinRamone

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    So you think Colts fans are still sad for sucking for Luck? They traded one bad year for over a decade of great QB play, call them fake fans all you want, i call them smart and looking for long term.
  10. BrassCowboy

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    don't think the colts made any moves to lose games purposely, and I am not sure the fans hoped for it either. They simply did not have a QB nor team that was ready to win games, and they, like the Cowboys do, do what it takes to make their team win more games. If it is 8-8, that surely is way better than 4-12 and a step forward. I mean look, Shanahan can give his story a spin all he want but we all know he was ready to throw the season when his team was 3-6, but look at where they are now...

    If you are assuming I am saying we shouldn't look ahead, then you would be wrong. We always need to look forward and go with whoever gives us the best chance to win for the future.

    Our team is like one big trojan horse where the team does not appear to be as bad as it really is. The team has this aura and has for a very long time where we just play very inconsistant with alot of mistakes, does not seem to be ready for game situations, never seems very fired up, playcalling seems to always be poor, lack of leadership, players playing more as individuals rather than as a team, etc.....

    IMO we need to get a real GM, new HC who will hire his own entire staff, then reevaluation of all the talent on this team and yes that does include Romo.
  11. MartinRamone

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    The Colts won the last 2 games when their number 1 pick spot was secure, i have my doubts that they didnt tank on purpose.
    I dont always prefer to tank, it would have to be for a very special player like Luck, but i dont see tanking as a bad thing. As a fan im willing to not enjoy some wins now to have more later.

    And i totally agree with the rest of your post, we are a good team but not a great one. We do need a new GM and HC (especially OC).
  12. Redball Express

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    Over the last 15 years, we have replaced the HC like 4 times, the QB like 5+ times and the entire staff under Parcells has gone on elsewhere to win SBs (read Sean Payton) or head coach other franchises.

    As a fan base, we were lead to believe that the hiring of Bill Parcells was going to restore the necessary agendas and drafting and coaching to restore the franchise.

    Nothing could be further from reality.

    We are now faced with ANOTHER rebuilding period with unproven coaching and players who under-perform and rarely reach the level of other contending teams we must beat.

    Enough. Enough.

    Jerry Jones is the one common thread along the whole way we have suffered for the last 15+ years.

    This team for all it's legacy and history is now being ground in the mud with this owner who cannot and will not change now or later.

    Cowboy fans, welcome to the agony of the Oakland Raiders fandom they endured with Al Davis as owner. Same isues. Same outcomes.

    Nowhere to go now except to find another franchise that understands what the game is about and how it's PLAYED and for why. This franchise no longer knows what it is doing.

    Our owner loves his money and he knows how to do that very, very well. Look at the temple he built to himself. Heck, this team can't even win there.

    It's all utterly ridiculousness. Think about it.

    :star: RedBall ExPreSS :star:
  13. Eddie

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    If we didn't blow those picks for Galloway, Drew Brees was sitting there waiting for us to snag him.

    Imagine that ... a little patience. :)
  14. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Of course... This team isn't a playoff team anways. Might as well get a young QB with a strong arm like Geno Smith from WVA.

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