Are Drew's 5 GW drives a Dallas record?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by big_neil, Dec 25, 2005.

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    Five times this season Drew has delivered a game winning drive. Without Drew at QB Dallas would likely have lost all 5 of those games, finding themselves with a 4-11 record right now.

    For all the bashing Drew has taken I ask this: can anyone show me a Dallas QB that had 5 or more Game Winning drives in a single season? How about four game winning touchdown passes with less than 2 minutes to go (@SD, @SF, KC, @CAR), letalone against 3 winning teams and 3 road teams.

    Some will raise the argument that other QBs always had the lead so they were still better. I disagree. I think Drew would have preferred the Defense not to blow the leads in all five games requiring a come back. The Defense has now blown late game leads in at least 7 games this season.

    So bashers, it's on you: show me a Dallas (or even NFL) QB that had more than 5 GW drives in a single season.
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    I give drew props for his play ,but don't be too hard on the D, they are among the league leaders in fewest points given up in the 4th quarter.

    too lazy to check season stats,but Troy and Roger both had many come from behind wins.
    For his career, Aikman led the Cowboys from behind 16 times in the fourth quarter, including six times in the final two minutes. Another six times, he led the team to wins after the score was tied in the fourth quarter. Five of his game-winning drives came in overtime.

    I have supported Drew ,so I will leave trying to disprove it to another :rolleyes:
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    You make good points BIG neil and those are just some of the many reasons why I havent been bashing him. I think he has done a mighty fine job for us hes one of the best QB's to have in a balanced offense because he has such an a powerful arm and some good accuracy. But when he gets into situations where we are down by more than 1 score those are tough for him, or when we arent running the ball that well and he is forced to pass pretty much every down teams just take a run at him and our ****ty o line. Im very happy with the pickup of drew :D but if you asked me that when we picked him up in the offseason I would have responded differently.
  4. MichaelWinicki

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    And if we miss the playoffs... the game winning drives will be quickly forgotten in lieu of the failures.
  5. Ken

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    Well, not sure about for the season, but I do know that yesterday was, I believe, his 33rd 4th quarter comeback.

    For perspective, i believe Favre is in the low 40s.
  6. CrazyCowboy

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    So very true!
  7. Avenging Hayseed

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    Hey, I have a good one for you Drew supporters to use but im not gonna do the leg work for you...LOL I think Drew has done a fine job behind this shambles of a line, he really has. Heres the rub....the next time guys start bashing on Drew for his immobility just go to ANY NFL site and drop some stats on em. Stats that DONT LIE. Go to a site and look up the number of pass attempts by say someone like ohhhh Mike Vick vrs the number of times Vick has been sacked. Sacks per attempts. Then go look at the same stats for Bledsoe this year. You will be pleasently suprized...LOL You can do the same with alot of the running QB's. Proves its a huge myth. In fact, go look up the number of times the biggest statue of them all has been sacked in comparison to his attempts...Brad Johnson. If you saw his stats in that area you would think Brad is the most mobile QB of all time...LOL Just proves what anybody with a shred of football IQ has always known........Avoiding sacks has ALOT more to do with a QB's brain than it does his legs......
  8. jterrell

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    I am sure Staubach had more in a season. They were called the Cardiac Cowboys for a reason. But I know Aikman never had many comeback wins at all because we seldom trailed.

    Drew gave us a chance all year. Playoffs or no playoffs 10-6 is a good season for team who won 6 games the previous season. Factor in 10-6 against a tough tough schedule and I have no complaints.

    Bledsoe is 2nd among NFL QBs in comeback wins since he entered the league behind only Favre.
  9. MichaelWinicki

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    A great many of the scrambling QB's do get sacked a lot because they "scramble" out of their protection and a defender becomes freed up.

    Your point about taking sacks having a lot more to do with a QB's brain than it does with his legs is well taken... We've given up a lot of sacks huh?
  10. Ashwynn

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    Actually Drew tied Bret on the last comeback at 31 for his career. Last week Brett had one I think, so pending what the pack do this week, they should be tied again at 32 or so.
  11. Bob Sacamano

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    funny, you call out the Drew bashers, which I am not, but you bash the D

    it doesn't go both ways buddy
  12. MichaelWinicki

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    Ah, leave the poor guy alone... he's human like all the rest of us. We all have agendas and opinions that aren't consistent.

    That's what makes us so darned interesting. ;)
  13. Avenging Hayseed

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    I see your point to an extent, BUT, you have to agree Alot of the sacks he took this year NOBODY could have avoided with their legs OR brain.
  14. MichaelWinicki

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    Oh no question at all... Our pass protection is poor. We're combining a poor-protecting oline with a QB that has a propensity for taking sacks.

    It's just a bad combination. Part of the blame is Bledsoe, part the oline and part to the guy that brought the two together.
  15. Nors

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    Last years Dallas team was 6-10

    We are 9-6 and going into playoffs next week 10-6.

    How are the 9-7 Bills faring this year? Happy arctic day!
  16. KingTuna

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    Once again I MUST say..........


    Bledsoe was the best Christmas gift we got way back in March!!
  17. big_neil

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    Sad but true, but you really can't knock a 10 game season. The difference maker will be the first Washington game, and the defense blowing the Seattle lead along with a missed 34 yard FG, and a late interception that cost us a 50% chance of winning in OT (based on NFL statistics). Note that if Dallas went to OT they would have lost the coin toss. They have lost the coin toss 6 straight times and 9 of 10 since Flozell went down (after starting 5/7).
  18. big_neil

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    Games we should have won and single play that would have made the difference:

    1) Washington: stop on 4th down, stop on either bomb, interception by defense in final 2 drives.
    2) @Seattle: kick FG
    3) Denver: kick FG
    4) Oakland: throw last minute TD to open Witten
    5) No single play chance to win NYG despite close game
    6) No single play chance to win Washington

    So you see, to blame Drew for any of the losses is to make other assumptions (ie they would have won in OT vs Seattle), or to expect a 6th game winning drive. Drew led them on a FG drive (kicked at 4th and 1 on the 3) with 3 minutes to go vs. Seattle. The Defense gave up 22 yard pass, 22 yard pass, 22 yard interference penalty, 11 yard rush, 13 yard pass, 1 yard TD pass.
    Seattle never had a 3rd down on that last drive. The Defense gave up 10 points in the 4th quarter. Yes I blame the D, but second to the missed FG (Seattle hit 55,50, Dallas missed 34)
  19. big_neil

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    And only Favre has more in the past 13 years. I'd like to see the top 10 list. I believe Elway leads at 48.
  20. big_neil

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    Staubach had 23 or so and averaged 1 every 5.7 games (if I'm not mistaken). Drew is around 1 every 5.8 for his career, needing only 1 more next game to tie Staubach in terms of career at 1/5.7. But for this season Drew is 1 4th quarter comeback every 3 games! For what it's worth, he didn't lead 4th quarter comebacks vs. Washington, Oakland, Seattle, Denver, and NYG. So he is 5/10. This doesn't count the Philly game where he had a TD with 2 minutes to go prior to the PICK (not sure if that counts in his career number), or the games decided by more than 7 (Philly, Arizona, Detroit, Washington)

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