Are the Cowboys on National TV tomorrow? *Merge*

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by SteveOS, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. SteveOS

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    Just trying to find out if I can watch them "LIVE" or if I have to wait for the delay on DirecTV.

    Appreciate any responses.
  2. The Quest for Six

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    locally televised, not nationally televised, the NFL network will carry the replay of the game Sunday afternoon at 4 EST....

    probably watch it on the computer here..
  3. kojak

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    Preseason games that are not televised nationally are produced locally by each team and syndicated regionally to local stations.

    These games are not available on NFL Sunday Ticket, but are available starting this year on for a $40 fee, and are replayed on NFL Network.

    (Aug 12 vs Oakland, Aug 21 @ San Diego, Sept 2 vs Miami)
    Dallas: KTVT 11 (CBS)
    San Antonio: KMYS (My 35)
    Austin, TX: KEYE 42 (CBS)
    Abilene, TX: KRBC 9 (NBC)
    Amarillo, TX: KAMR 4 (NBC)
    Corpus Christi, TX: KRIS 6 (NBC)
    El Paso: KFOX (FOX 14)
    Harlingen, Mcallen, Brownsville: KRGV 5 (ABC)
    Lubbock, TX: KUPT (MY)
    Odessa/Midland, TX: KPEJ (FOX 24)
    San Angelo, TX: KSAN 3 (NBC)
    Sherman, TX: KTEN (ABC-Texoma)
    Tyler, TX: KFXK (FOX 51)
    Victoria, TX: KVCT (FOX 19)
    Waco, TX: KWKT (FOX 44)
    Wichita Falls, TX: KFDX 3 (NBC)
    Oklahoma City: KOCB (CW 34)
    Tulsa, OK: KQCW (CW 12/19)
    Monroe, LA: KARD (FOX 14)
    Shreveport, LA: KTAL 6 (NBC)
    Fort Smith/Fayetteville, AR: KNWA (NBC)
    Little Rock, AR: KARK 4 (NBC)
    Albuquerque, NM: KASY (MY 50)
  4. SteveOS

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    Thanks gents.
  5. Meat-O-Rama

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    Lucky me living in SoCal, I get the regional broadcasts of the Raiders and Chargers games. Although the Raiders broadcast was terrible and they would interview players during the action, and Jim Plunkett is a confused old goat.
  6. Bigdog

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    I live in northern CAl and you got that right. Plunkett has been hit in the head too many times.

    STAR GAZER Benched

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    I am getting the So Cal feed from my mother. She lives near San Diego. I watch her television via Sling Box. So I will be re-slinging the feed back out onto the internet for anyone who wants to watch it.

    Just visit my site. Cowboys
  8. LeonDixson

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    During the Raiders game, someone put up a link that streamed the Cowboys announcers doing the game, but I forgot to save it. Does anyone have a link to the local production.
  9. SDogo

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    nm, figured it out.
  10. SDCowboy85

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    I live in SD also. The game so far is scheduled to be blacked out. Just like every Chargers game. Don't expect to be getting that feed man.:laugh2:
  11. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    I hope not, I like to know I at least have one sure fire feed for tomorrow.
  12. SDCowboy85

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    It's showing up on the guide but supposedly there are still a thousand or so tickets that need to be sold here.
  13. The Emperor

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    I'm so glad Tulsa is in the Cowboys' region. I get to see these games.
  14. GalvestonCowboyFan

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    The familiar question: will I get to watch the Boys tomorrow, living in Houston? I'm not seeing the game anywhere (I have Comcast). Of course I could watch the freaking Texans/Saints game on three different channels. I'm not gonna lie, this city is getting to me. If I have to stream it again and miss alot of the starter play... argh.

    I guess this would be a good thread to comment on TV coverage in other places as well.
  15. Red

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    If you have the NFL channel they usually replay the preseason games 4-5 times during the week.
  16. GalvestonCowboyFan

    GalvestonCowboyFan Member

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    Yeah. That's nice and all, but it's just not the same. Oh well, at least there's that. I grew up in East Texas, and it just seems wrong to miss games, and I pay too friggin' much money to not get the games I wanna see because of the underachieving wannabe Cowboy team here in town. I lived in eastern Arkansas for undergrad and we never really missed Cowboys games over there either, although preseason was hit or miss. But here in Houston the local inferiority complex with the Cowboys seems to affect the availability of games. At least that's my perception.

    But yeah, I guess I'll DVR the replays. :)
  17. Boyzmamacita

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    I read somewhere that it's sold out, but I don't know if it sold out in time. Or does that only apply to the regular season?

    As far as the game online. Last week, had both the home and away broadcasts. The quality was exceptional with no buffering.
  18. Chevyman08

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    The blackout was lifted yesterday. If you have Directv national network channels you can get the game on the cbs west feed at 8:00 pm central time.
    The only thing is that you have to watch it in standard definition if you live in the eastern half of the country due to stupid FCC hi def rules.
  19. GalvestonCowboyFan

    GalvestonCowboyFan Member

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    I hate to continue the negativity, but the veetle feed didn't start until late in the 1st quarter last week. I did find it on adthe, but anyway... it's just not very reliable to stream. But thanks for the tip, I'll probably end up on there tomorrow again, or I'll find a friend with DirecTV if it is actually on there.
  20. superonyx

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    I watched the last game on Veetle in HD and the feed i was watching started immediately. In fact they had a different game on the feed then it immediately switched over to the cowboys game.

    I live between the Baltimore and Philly markets so streaming it is the only option i have. Sure i pay out the nose for nfl ticket but they cant show the preseason games.

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