Are the Cowboys really the laughing stock of the NFL

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Vanilla2, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. Vanilla2

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    I keep reading that the Cowboys are the laughing stock of the NFL.

    To me it reads like an overused talking point by a group of drama queens doing what they do best.

    So if you've used that statement please let me know why you feel that way.

    Because I am truly curious.

    Cuz if middle of the road is to be considered laughing stock material I'd hate to see what happens if this team hits a Cleveland Brown type stretch.
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  2. iowast8rs

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    Not sure, I think the Browns not able to land a head coach for such a long time might have taken away some of the laughter.
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  3. perrykemp

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    I don't think they are a laughing stock, however, they not longer garner anywhere the level of respect an organization with 5 Superbowl victories and the rich rich history of the club deserves.
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  4. Lonestar94

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    Probably because of their up and down each week. And losses like the Lions and Packers.
  5. jobberone

    jobberone Kane Ala Staff Member

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    Dallas = newsworthy

    Bash Dallas = angers Dallas fans and makes others howl

    Praise Dallas = angers others and makes Dallas fans happy and talking Cowboys

    Either way most of football is either Dallas fan or NOT Dallas fan. So it works. It sells.
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  6. jobberone

    jobberone Kane Ala Staff Member

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    Kinda like SF was there for a long time? Or Oakland is now? Or GB was for a long time?
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  7. manster4ever

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    gotta isn't the number of losses each season, but the WAY many of those losses transpire. You craptacular fashion.
  8. Fredd

    Fredd Well-Known Member

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    Jerry, jerry is that you? :D
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  9. casmith07

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    Your second paragraph is correct.
  10. noshame

    noshame I'm not dead yet...... Zone Supporter

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    We are a laughing stock because we have a owner who want's desperately to be the sole reason we rise to greatness again....and everybody knows that ain't gonna happen. Next....
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  11. The Quest for Six

    The Quest for Six Well-Known Member

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    right after Cleveland, yup!!
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  12. windward

    windward NFL Historian

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    If anybody is laughing at us, odds are the team they pull for has accomplished less in their history.
  13. fanfromvirginia

    fanfromvirginia Inconceivable!

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    First of all, something or someone can be a laughingstock for bad reasons. Joe Versus the Volcano was the laughingstock of movies when it first came out. Now it's something of a cult classic. The Hubble telescope was a national laughingstock when it kept breaking down after its initial launch.

    I would argue the Cowboys are a laughingstock instead of a team like Cleveland because the Cowboys' woes of late are more interesting than Cleveland's and, obviously, Dallas gets more attention and is hated by more fans.

    The following list of reasons might account for this: meddling owner who is generally disliked, one playoff win in 17 or so years, recent multiple late-season collapses, JG's unique game management has resulted in multiple 'snatch defeat from jaws of victory' moments, Tony Romo's supposed propensity to choke, losing the division on the final game multiple times in recent years, and Caligula-does-football-stadium atmosphere.
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  14. Fredd

    Fredd Well-Known Member

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    every year, we aren't a laughingstock until we are eliminated from the playoffs...sound obvious? What I mean is that other fans won't come in and say anything for the most part because there is history of the team being good and no one wants you to come back and throw it in your face if you trash the team and then they make the playoffs ahead of your own team....but, once we fall apart, then the cockroaches crawl out from under the fridge to roost, almost brazen..... of these years, we have to win in the playoffs and stomp on the freakin' cockroaches
  15. barney

    barney Active Member

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    No the Browns have that title no doubt about it!
  16. dstovall5

    dstovall5 Well-Known Member

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    Well the jokes on the people who think we're the "laughing stock of the NFL", why would the 2nd most successful franchise (in terms of super bowl wins) in the entire NFL also known widely as "America's Team", be looked upon as a joke?

    Because we've had a long drought of playoff success? That still doesn't negate the past success of this franchise which 99% of the NFL teams would die to have, including teams like New England, New York, Green Bay, Indianapolis, and the list could go on and on.

    I mean, before 49ers got Harbaugh they had 8 years in a row with 0 playoff appearances (03-10), does that mean they were the joke of the NFL? I mean if you think being one of the only three teams with 5 or more Super Bowls is a joke, then I guess so.

    Even the most successful franchises have long stretches of time lacking of playoff success, that doesn't take away from their past success though.
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  17. anava

    anava Well-Known Member

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    I would say we are now the new laughing stock over teams like the Browns. They have been losers for so long when they do over achieve and win all the media gets excited for them. And when they finally lose, it's oh well they had a nice run this year.

    When we over achieve everyone is on the edge of their seat wondering how we are going to blow it this time. Then in laughter saying I knew it when we do. So maybe we can be like the Browns and lose for so long it will no longer be funny.
  18. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

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    We're not the laughingstock, but we're not very relevant either. We're a mediocre team with horrible management and a very bad power structure.
  19. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

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    17 years with 1 playoff win disagrees with you.
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  20. cajuncocoa

    cajuncocoa ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

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    I feel like we are the laughing stock in many ways. Yeah, we have an awesome history and we had some swagger back in the day....that just helps to feed those who want to tear us down today. When the 49ers and Patriots lost last week, it wasn't Kaepernick and Brady that were made fun of on NFL Memes....they were turning their losses into shots at Tony Romo. Go figure. It's not as much fun to pick on the Browns as it is to pick on us. Back in the 70s, it was said no one was ambivalent about the Cowboys; they either LOVED us or HATED us. Well, the haters are having their day right now.

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