Are the Cowboys really the laughing stock of the NFL

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Vanilla2, Jan 26, 2014.

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    18 or so years of not contending and constantly tripping over themselves is all you really need to know why people think the way they do. It is no longer about the SB trophies. This once proud organization has been reduced to rubble. Jerry has let a losing culture take over team.
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  2. AmberBeer

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    What's really laughable is those that not only accept the mediocrity,but defend it.
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    The Jags and Browns come to mind first, The main reason we are still Americas Team is everyone loves to talk about the cowboys good or bad. I swear in the nineties they would hold out Cowboys news till the end of ESPN sport center to make you watch the whole program.
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  4. big dog cowboy

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    Oh I HATED that. Wasting all the time for a 20-30 second blurb about something that was old news.
  5. hornitosmonster

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    Browns, Cards, Jags, Bills, Eagles

    Eagles fans arrogance and entitlement is laughably given the teams history of doing nothing.
  6. DenCWBY

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    Our front office is definitively the laughing stock of the nfl. Can you imaging those owner conferences with Duck dynasty in the middle.
    The jones are probably walking around with kick me signs on their backs.
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  7. Idgit

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    I haven't heard the term laughingstock applied to the Cowboys outside of a handful of posters here who all have a noticeable penchant for the melodramatic.

    What we've got is a bad pass defense.
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  8. IAmLegend

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  9. bark

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    I think jerry the gm is the laughing stock.
    I get a lot of " don't worry ya'll have a great guy to draft back to the top or pick some winners" type comments from non cowboy fans.
    Jerry the owner has done great things for the cowboys and the league as a whole.
    People will always take glee from our failure, much like we do when the niners, steelers, eagles, or redskins fail.
    Speaking of redskins, now there was something to laugh about... Owner coach qb triangle of dysfunction....
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  10. Hardline

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    I expect Super Bowl titles,not .500 seasons and missing the playoffs.
    This team to me is not a laughing stock. But I don't give them the credit of past Cowboy greatness either.
    They are still the Cowboys so I will stick with them through thick or thin.
  11. Roadtrip635

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    When such an admired/hated an organization as the Dallas Cowboys tumble it's much more newsworthy than when an organization such as the Browns remain mired in their anonymity. This team has a long, proud history of producing winning football teams and it's surprising not to just the fans, but the media and the haters that this organization continues to stumble. The world expects those things from the Browns and Bills of the world, but not from the Cowboys. It's easy to blame the media for kicking a club when we're down, but that same media built this team up when we were on top. The Cowboys are newsworthy in large part because the organization seeks it out. The owner takes every opportunity to be in the media spotlight with his words or actions and wants the world to know it. Why does the media love Jerry Jones? If you stick a mic up to him, he's bound to say something outrageous sooner or later. The man is a walking sound bite and loves every moment of the attention.

    The Cowboys throughout it's history has always won or loss by spectacular fashion and that makes for great entertainment. The Hail Mary, The Mad Bomber, The Catch, The Ice Bowl, Bounty Bowl, Jackie Smith's drop, Romo's INT's, Tony Dorestt's unbreakable 99yd run, Captain America, the NFL's All Time leading rusher, Funeral Wreaths, Leon Lett on Thanksgiving, Doomsday Defense and the list goes on. This team throughout it's history has always been entertaining no matter it's record and for that, we will always be newsworthy. This team has been 8-8 for three seasons but you won't find a more exciting or entertaining mediocre team. A team like the Cowboys, you either love or hate, you don't find much in between. This team is expected to be great from the world and when we struggle for this long, the detractors are going to laugh and revel in our misery. Are the Browns a laughingstock, sure, but it's the Brown's and not much is expected of them. More is expected of the Dallas Cowboys so when we fail, it's a bigger joke. Loved or hated, good or bad, we won't be forgotten.
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  12. jnday

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    Considering the fans and Jerry's attitude, yes the Cowboys are a laughing stock. This organization is no contender and they are no longer feared by the other teams. The Cowboys are all hype with nothing to back it up. The circus-like atmosphere and the media coverage does nothing to help matters. Jerry has took Al Davis's place as the worst owner in the league when it comes to refusing to give up some of his hands-on involvement due to his ego. That ego insures that the Cowboys remain average at best because it has to be done Jerry's way. He has a serious mental problem when he craves the credit and attention so much that he allows it to hurt the team. Sure, players love Jerry. He overlays them and hangs on to them well past their prime. A quick look at the Cowboys' record against other teams with winning records shows the quality organization that we as fans have decided to follow. If it wasn't for men like Landry, Roger , Troy and others from the past, I could easily despise this team and I understand why other fans around the league hate the Cowboys due to the undeserved attention they get.
  13. RonSpringsdaman20

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    To folks who witnessed us kick their rears all through the 60's, 70's, early 80's, & 90's…. yes…
  14. cowboys1981

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    I wouldn't say laughing stock. It's just that "ha-ha, told you so" moment and our boys should be twice as pissed as this fan base and do something about it.
  15. Tawney88

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    This team and it's woes can all be attributed to one man, Jerry Jones. Bad defense, bad coaches, no depth, no plan, no reasonable organizational structure, no reasonable draft strategy, no cap room, coaches can't choose their own staff, all Jerry's fault. Blame injuries blame this and blame that it all boils down to the guy who says he has to approve everything, Jerry Jones. Because of him and how poorly he runs this franchise the Cowboys are a laughingstock.
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  16. RonSpringsdaman20

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    The cowboys are the laughing stock among teams who are winning franchises in the nfl….. (legacy status)
    anybody else don't count.
  17. Tawney88

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    Two things, Al Davis forgot more about football than Jerry ever could hope to learn. Secondly this is Jerry's illness, described him to a T.
  18. jnday

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    I agree 100%. Jerry wants to be a respected football man so much, but he has tried to get that respect by buying it. Money doesn't make him a quality talent evaluator or GM . His ego also prevents this team from being managed like the top tier teams. There are posters here that refuse to believe it , but all these former players are not wrong.
  19. 17yearsandcounting

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    This team is closer to the Browns than people want to admit.
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  20. Doomsay

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    They have only won one more playoff game than the Browns over the past decade and a half, so I don't think that they are too far from Cleveland's level at this point.

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