Are the Cowboys really the laughing stock of the NFL

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Vanilla2, Jan 26, 2014.

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    Just because you said this doesn't mean anything to people outside of this organization. We all think we're okay. But the outside world is looking at us and just laughing their butt's off. Why? Because we've gone nearly 2 decades without doing squat. Why? Because every year, the media and our fans get sucked in thinking this is the year and pick us, only to lose again. Why? Because we have a choking QB who can do everything but take us to the playoffs and win super bowls. Why? Because Jerry Jones is a clown and actually thinks his way is the right way. Never mind it's never worked without Jimmy and his players, but for a person who is smart enough to make a lot of money, he sure is dumb at building a winning team. Why? Because our fans are the most delusional fans on the planet. I thought the deadskins fans were delusional, but whoa? Why? Because we only make a living out of beating up on the trash of the league. And beating up on the trash of the league, makes a lot of us think that we've arrived.

    This franchise is a joke, top to bottom. Unfortunately, I'm cursed because I can't tear away.
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    Nah. Cowboys are just close to it.

    Arguably, the Browns, Bucs, Jets, and Redskins are more laughable than Dallas. Bucs and Jets are improving, Redskins are TBD.

    So...hey, at least we're better than the Browns.
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    I don't know if the Cowboys are the laughing stock of the NFL, but they sure are where I work and numerous other places I frequent.
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    I'll let the weeping willows worry about trivial philosophical questions that affects nobodies lives for me.
    The ones that invade every thread imaginable to bash whatever they see fit. Usually Jerry or Jason. Even when the thread has nothing to do with them...
    Are the Cowboys a laughingstock...
    In the past 10 years they have had 2 losing seasons. (Yes, I am very aware of their playoff futility, my point still stands)
    How many has Oakland had?
    Cleveland? I could name others.

    So... YES! They are! Feel better?
    Then NO!
    How about that?
    How about Who cares? Don't people have more important things to hang their hats on than what team they root for?

    You really want to worry about something sports related right now?
    Worry about our American brothers and sisters in Sochi.
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    I think it doesn't speak well for America when "America's Team" is average year after year. Yeah, it is a joke that Ciwboy fans still cling to that label.
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    If the Browns get a good QB I think they could be a good team. A lot of talent on both sides of the ball.
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    no one who follows WWECAR has any right to talk in terms of laughing stocks.

    Also I forgot about Oakland entirely, so that has to put them up there pretty high.
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    I think it's a bit different, the niners weren't relevant for a while, same as the Raiders, or kind of like the Cowboys from 2000 till 2005, the thing is that we have been kind of relevant with high expectations since 2007, 13-3 that year, then all the TO drama, the 2009 playoff win and then 3 straight losses in win or out games to clinch the Division, that is why everybody is laughing at us, we sometimes show that we can beat anybody in the league but then, when it matters the most we come up short, you can add that we are Americas team, have Jerry as the owner along with the world's biggest stadium and it's preety easy to see why everybody is having fun at our expense.
  10. jobberone

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    I wasn't being entirely serious.
  11. TwoDeep3

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    So define what it takes to be a laughing stock.

    Would that be a team that hasn't had much success at all except a few seasons long ago? The Browns.

    Or would it be a team that has a rich history, but has fallen on hard times, mostly generated by an owner like Al Davis, but worse. An owner who actually has the temerity to believe he can orchestrate a winner by being the GM and only decision maker, even though he has NO CREDENTIALS to think he has any answers. An owner who rode the coattails of a great coaching staff who came from the college ranks and assembled a team from players THEY Knew and scouted. Then won like few other teams before.

    And now said owner sits on high, taking pressers and being the rooster of the walk when his pedigree and results show nothing for nearly eighteen years to indicate he is anything more than hot air.

    Now toss in that this Bozo makes comments about being a Super Bowl level team each year to the press, and the fans of other teams hear this and laugh.

    I consider Al Davis and his Raiders to have been the laughing stock of the league.

    But then he died.

    And like the comedian who mused that when Sir Lawrence Olivier died, did that mean all the other actors move up a slot.

    Al died, Jerry is now the clown prince of the NFL. And by osmosis, or because of the affiliation with the team, he has sucked what was once a proud and envious franchise to the depths of being the butt of all the jokes around this league.

    So when you asked the question, a definition needs to be offered with the criteria that makes a team a laughing stock.

    I think I fixed that for you.
  12. Bleu Star

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    Just for the record, I'm not part of that crowd. I'm very self aware.
  13. TrailBlazer

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    What's the difference between Cleveland brown type stretch and the 17 year stretch we are enduring now?

    National media outlets don't mock other teams like they do the cowboys. If you don't believe me then you didn't turn on sportscenter after the saints or bears games. They love to dog the cowboys.
  14. joseephuss

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    I don't know about laughing stock, but sure people like to make fun of the Cowboys. The Cowboys are very popular even when they aren't winning Superbowls or playoff games. Just look at the ratings for their games and the different networks desire to broadcast their games. When you are near the top of the mountain people want to knock you down a peg. That is why very few make fun of the Texans even though they lost 14 straight games this year. Now that is a joke. You almost have to do that on purpose to lose that many games in a row.
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  16. big dog cowboy

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    We still are America's Team. That isn't a joke.
  17. Ntegrase96

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    Absolutely the biggest joke in the NFL.

    Are there teams that are worse off than us? Yes... but not as many as you would think or hope.

    But our owner has turned this team into a circus. And because we get so much publicity, everyone knows just how much of a mess we really are.

    At least the teams that are actually worse than us are low key.
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  18. SilverStarCowboy

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    Jerry Jones is the laughing stock of the NFL and the face of the Dallas Cowboys Franchise.
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    More people are jealous of the Cowboys than some of you think. Take the hate in stride.

    When a Chiefs fan or Vikings fan or a fan of almost any other team talks trash to me about the Cowboys, I laugh in their face. America's Team. 5 Super Bowl wins in 8 appearances. If I were you I'd hate us too!
  20. windward

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    And the famous retort "Stop living in the past!"

    If that's what we should do, then what's the point of winning?
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