Are The Cowboys Super Bowl Contenders?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by philo beddoe, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. philo beddoe

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    Or are we pretenders? I think this is a pretty good team, with some holes to fill still. I honestly can't see us making a run at the Super Bowl trophy. I can see us making the playoffs and winning a playoff game, but that's about it. We seem to lack a certain necessary something I can't put my finger on. Leadership perhaps? Anyway, you never know how the ball will bounce so we'll have to wait & see. Winning builds confidence and that will be key for this year's team. A great draft is needed and Romo needs to continue to grow. In today's NFL, of course, anything can happen. Are we ready to take on the Colts and Patriots of this league THIS year? Thoughts?:)
  2. Doomsday101

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    I think Dallas will be a contender I don't predict SB this early in the year but I think Dallas will be one of the playoff teams. Hopefully we are playing at our best late in the season
  3. Hostile

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    In April there are 32 contenders.
  4. Cowboy Bill Watts

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    the proof is in the pudding. at this point, we're estimating our opinions on paper. i really don't think so -- too many questions.

    the answer is "yes" IF

    romo's YE QB rating is 85+
    the OL gels and plays well
    defense plays at least as well as last year, and cuts down on big negative plays
    TO and TG don't show their age
    both JJ and MB run the ball with authority
    grammattica continues to improve and regain his form.
    changes to defensive schemes results in more positive defensive big plays
    wade phillips doesn't get outcoached on gameday by other division coaches.

    too many other teams already know the answer to many of these questions.

    i do think dallas is improved. super bowl run? we'll see...
  5. sago1

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    I don't think we are legit Super Bowl contenders this year but definitely should be able win NFC East and at least 1 playoff game. That would be a big step for us IF we go at least 11-5.

    So far I think that certain something we lack are playmakers. We've got a few good players but no one whose great and most SB contenders have at least 1 truly outstanding player. I do think Ware is that kind of player and this could be the year he shows how great he is, but we need at least 1 more playmaker & several of our starters need to step it up.

    I know some would cite TO & even Glenn but neither showed it enough last year.
  6. notherbob

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    This time of year only Washington is a serious contender for the big bowl.


    As shown by the last few years, when this team learns to win in December they will be a Superbowl contender, until then it's all fans' dreams.
  7. WoodysGirl

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    Well, I would say there's actually 28, and then there's Houston, Oakland, Cleveland, and then Washington. :)
  8. stasheroo

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    I'll say they're contenders.

    In fact, they were contenders last year.

    Despite early struggles and a quarterback change, the team was still in position to win the NFC East and were competing for homefield advantage in the playoffs.

    Things didn't quite work out, but the team showed what they were capable of by beating the eventual Super Bowl champions as well.

    Both Davis and Hamlin should be improvements over the players they're replacing and the rest of the team remains intact.

    If the defense plays better than they did last season and Romo continues to improve over a Pro Bowl 2006, I feel this team has the talent and ability to play with anybody and possibly win a championship in '07.
  9. lostinomiya

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    for me the two biggest factors are

    1. will the OL fall apart?
    2. can our defense be scary and not allow the opposing qb half an hour to make a play?

    those things in particular are key for me. a third is free safety but that wont be half as big a problem if we scare the qb.
  10. firehawk350

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    Of course they're contenders. A 3-13 05 Saints team were 06 SB contenders. No way a 9-7 team is not a contender. The big IFs are:
    Romo - Who is he REALLY? Pre-december or post-december??? Can he come back?
    OL - How well will Davis make the switch to OG? Was his problem due to too much size and not enough mobility or was it something else? Can he pull in that case? How about Flo, he's definitely on his last leg, how much more regression?
    WR - How will TO do if Romo struggles, how will he behave for the new coach? Any problems there? How will Terry Glenn's knee hold out? Can Hurd, Austin or Crayton be more then they are now if TO pulls an 05 TO act or Glenn goes down or is too ineffective?
    TE - I'd lie if I said that I thought Witten had a very productive 06 season. He had plenty of yards but only 1 TD? An abberation or is it because Romo doesn't have chemistry? Or is it because he was kept into block too much? Will Fasano live up to his 2nd round pick?
    DL - Can anyone come in and spell Fergy? Keeping him fresh may become an issue. How about Canty and Spears, was it bad scheming or just an old-fashioned case of bust?
    LB - Carpenter anybody? I'm not sure what to think of the kid... Can Ellis come back? How about Burnett? And Adoyele? Can they take away those dump-offs and get pressure when necessary?
    DB - How well will Hamlin fit in? How about Watkins? Can Roy do more then just tackle? Can a rookie come in and fix the horrible coverage on the depth chart behind Newman? Or maybe Henry gets better?

    Scheme - How will Romo deal with a new coaching style? He spent 4 years in the same scheme and under the same coach, when you switch that, how will he do? How long WILL it take to pick up the new defensive scheme? WP said it takes about a year. So are we to expect a bad defense in the beginning? Will Phillips try to fit Cowboys pieces into Chargers slots? How long will it take if he does adapt and then how long for the Boys to digest?

    I think there are a lot of questions, as I have shown, but it's no reason to think the answer will all be negative...
  11. firehawk350

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    Mm hm... Detriot is a contender??? Jon Kitna is leading them to a championship?
  12. burmafrd

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    Of course we are contenders to make the SB. The NFC is still down compared to the AFC. Now winning the SB might be a whole other story.
    QB: of course the question is which Romo is the real deal- and in the end that will be where our season is decided.
    RB: solid
    WR: should still be very good to great
    TE: Pro Bowl
    O Line: why is the Hotel on his last leg? BS. Davis played guard for 3 years and was pretty good. The rest of the starters are solid- and Colombo should improve.
    DL: schemes- we shall see as regards the DE. Fergie is very solid at NT- getting a backup is critical though.
    LB: the questions are Ellis (health), James, Carp and Burnett. As long as we get good play out of them we are fine- once again schemes should help.
    CB: health is critical- no injuries to our top 3 guys and we are as good as any in the NFL.
    S: Roy needs to step up and return to his 2003 form; Hamlin SHOULD make a difference, and do not count out Watkins.
    K: Automatica is solid
    P: mcBriar is a pro bowl guy
    KR- TT is good, Austin is better
    PR: please someone other then Newman we cannot afford an injury to him.
    There are no real holes here- but once again it comes down to Romo.
    YES we are contenders to MAKE it to the SB.
  13. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

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    Who here thought Chicago would be in the SB last off-season? Better production from the defense and Dallas will have a chance at the golden ring.
  14. Mavs Man

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    You forgot to add Arizona to that list.
  15. WoodysGirl

    WoodysGirl U.N.I.T.Y Staff Member

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    Then make it 26. ;) :p:
  16. Aikbach

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    You guys forgot Filthy, I mean Philly.
    *Cue music* "This is the end, the end my friend".
  17. Royal Laegotti

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    I wouldn't say the Raiders, Cardinals and Texans are contenters. :lmao2:
  18. Future

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    We have had super bowl contendern potential for the last 3 years IMO...don't see why that should change this year.
  19. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

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    I wouldn't either, I said contenders. I have no idea how content they are. ;)
  20. firehawk350

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    QB: Already addressed
    RB: Solid but no more. Could def use an upgrade.
    FB: Developing, and could use a better FB, but decent enough.
    TE: Witten is probably the 3rd best TE in the NFC East alone. I'd put Shockey and Cooley above him. Somewhere around LJ Smith...
    WR: Should be good, but again, Terry Glenn is a huge question mark. How bad is that bone on bone? Isn't that a degenerative condition? Will he be productive outside of a Parcells team?
    OL: If I have to tell you why hotel is on his last leg, then you probably won't understand anyways. He looked barely serviceable and definitely regressed a good bit from 05 Flo. He's just another year older. Davis should be a big (pun intended) upgrade from Rivera but Kosier is still just average. Colombo may be better, but he may not. Cowboys FO seems to have about as much faith as me, 1 year contract...
    DL: Discussed enough
    LB: Questions are four of your LBs??? That's not good, and the blanket "scheme" excuse doesn't make them any more of a sure thing.
    CB: Excuse me, but there is no bloody way in hell your as good as any in the NFL. Denver, Baltimore, Jags, NE, GB and San Fran. All better then your top 3 easily.
    S: Should be an upgrade, though FS is still enough of a concern to have you scratching your head and looking at prospects...
    K: Gramatica could go either way, but no way is he better then just serviceable.
    P: Best in the league...
    KR: Looks good to me
    PR: Need somebody other then Newman, if he goes down, so does your secondary. Having Henry and Glenn as #1-2 does not look pretty...

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