Are the D line and O line better than we thought?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by neosapien23, Sep 17, 2013.

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    Does the D Line really need that much attention? I really think Dallas can draft 2 DTs early next year and can stand pat at DE. The front three of Ware, Selvie, and Crawford should be more than solid. Once Wilber has another offseason to gain weight, I think he can be very effective as a situational pass rusher. I think Bass will be a good DT once he has a chance to gain some weight as well. Dallas would still have to draft DT to address the impending loss of Hatcher and I think Ratliff will be shown the door next year as well. Anthony Johnson's blend of power and speed would be a huge boost in the middle of the defense. I would like to play him at 1 tech to get more pass rush from that spot. In round 3, I would take on shot on Will Sutton. The guy is undersized but plays with a nonstop motor. I don't think he will go very high based on that fact, but there is something to his game. He reminds me a lot of La'Roi Glover. While I think Anthony Johnson would be a good 3 tech, I think Sutton would be even better at this spot. He would be allowed to rush the passer like Sapp used to. The starting four next year would be Ware, Johnson, Sutton, and Selvie. Having Crawford, Wilber, Bass, Hayden, and Long would allow for a very deep rotation.

    The O line looks to be much better than we thought, however Macky B continues to be the weak link. I am convinced that Brokeback Mountain was based on Bryan Broaddus and Mackenzie Bernadeau's secret love affair. I can see Broaddus staring at him after getting blown and giving up a sack saying, "I wish I could quit you." Waters should be an immediate upgrade, but he most likely only has another year of playing ball. Also I don't like the fact that he doesn't want to go to training camp. Dallas needs to draft a guard early in round 2. They cannot let allow one person to hold the Oline hostage. Taking Escobar when Warford was still on the board is absolutely mind boggling. Taking Cyril Richardson is round 2 is a must next year.

    And finally running back in round 4. Everyone on the board seems to be down on Demarco Murray. I like Murray's killer instinct and he runs into tacklers with violence. It is obvious he wants to set the tone and inflict damage on the defense. However, he plays running back like a linebacker. He does not let the running play develop and seems intent on hurting people when he should be looking for creases. Hopefully he comes out of it, but he seems like a poor fit on a zone blocking scheme. I think he could still be a stud on a team that utilizes a one cut power running game but we can't change our running game philosophy based on him as the Oline is just getting the zone block scheme down and seems to be gelling well. Randle looked very good in preseason and while not a burner his running style is perfect for this scheme. Unfortunately he is undersized and is not ready to tote the rock. He needs an offseason to get bigger and grow into his frame. While Randle lacks Murrays big play potential, he seems to get 4 yards whenever he touches the ball as he can cut without losing speed. While I think Randle will start next year, I would still draft a RB in the 4th to protect this team from injury. Someone like Carey or Sankey would compliment the zone block scheme well. While not burners, they seem to get yards and have good vision.

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