Are the Giants just not that good?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by NickZepp, Dec 18, 2012.

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    I spent yesterday watch the highlight shows seeing what people would say about our win and what I kept hearing when the talking heads talked about the division was how good the Giants still were that Bradshaw makes everyone not just on offense but on defense better. I can understand a good back making an offense better. Look at the Cowboys right now for that example. But the defense? Seriously? The fact is that this Giants team doesn't resemble the Giant teams of last year that was hot at this time of the year on both offense and defense. They aren't really any different from us or the Redskins. And it's time people started saying they are just as flawed as both Dallas and Washington. But I still heard just about every analyst picking the Giants to win the division.
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    They weren't that different last year either. They just got on a roll. Shows all the nitwits that dismiss sneaking into the playoffs and think teams should just give up if they are not slated for the number one seed (and suck for Luck).
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    They didn't play that bad on defense the end of last year. Even in their loss to the Redskins. And they certainly weren't getting shut out last year.
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    You never know what team is going to show up with the Giants. They got routed by Atlanta which isn't that bad of a team, but they routed the 49ers who almost routed New England had they not made a late comeback.

    Tom Coughlin is a great coach. Don't count them out until they are out.
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    Coughlin secured his job again last year so it back to sucking now until he's back on the hot seat

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    They get the edge because they have just "flipped the switch" before. So, until they all out flop people will always say they have a chance.
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    Don't worry. This is how they were last year. Remember them getting completely destroyed by the Saints on MNF? And everyone counted them out? Well same thing happened against the Falcons. They will find some kind of run to go on and get into the playoffs on the last game. Never seen a team so up and down as them. You see them like they were against the Niners and Packers and think they could make another Super Bowl run. Then you look at them against the Bengals and Falcons and just scratch your head.

    But they are no different than their 2 Super Bowl years. Just an average team who caught lightning in a bottle at the very end and rode that momentum to a title, while facing teams who had much better regular seasons than them. 2007 was us, Packers and Pats. Last year was Packers, Niners and Pats.
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    That Giants loss to the Saints last year came with 6 games left in the season.
    They have more than 1/3 of the season to right the ship.

    Once they started getting healthy, they turned the corner. Plus, the close loss to the seemingly invincible Packers did wonders for their confidence. After that they made the comeback to beat Dallas 37-34 and were on their way to winning 7 of 8 including the SB.

    They were good, not at all great. They deserve credit, but many forget how unbelievably lucky they were vs both SF and NE to get wins. Still, hats off to them.
    It ain't happenin' this year though.
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    Inconsistency is our problem. You never know which team will show up each week. I think we are done for the season. Baltimore lost back to back games at home and they aren't losing another one. Once we lose next week, we will be done. I am still OK. Brutal schedule and inconsistency but we will still have at least 8 wins.
  10. DFWJC

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    Hope you're right.:D
  11. Shunpike

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    Dude. I have good instincts. I think I am right. But you still gotta beat Skins you know that right? :D
  12. DFWJC

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  13. Tom [Giants fan]

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    reported that he feels that the Giants are mentally drained from what they have gone through making that run last year, short offseason, and another season shortly following.

    Tuck agreed with him. I guess we have our answer. The Giants just may take an early vacation this year and not care about missing the playoffs.
  14. Idgit

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    They're not getting the pressure they got late last year. And they're not getting a healthy players returning to their secondary, either. You can never count them out, but they're not looking to me like a team that's getting hot at the right time.

    I'd love, love, love to see us win out and to have the Giants limp into the playoffs. Haven't played around with any scenarios to know what would have to happen to get them in Dallas early in a playoff situation, but a chance to knock out both WAS and NYFG would be pretty great if it could happen.
  15. jimnabby

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    If we win out and the Giants win out and the Seahawks lose a game, I believe we host them in the first round no matter what else happens.

    They can't host us - for them to get the 3 seed, MIN has to beat GB, which knocks us out of WC contention.
  16. RXP

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    Not true. The #5 seed will be either Seattle of San Francisco. The winner of the NFC East will be the #4 seed and will play the #5 seed in all liklihood. The top 3 seeds will be Atlanta, GB, NFC West winner.

    There may be a wild scenario where the #4 and #5 seeds are from the NFC East, but that is highly unlikely.
  17. jimnabby

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    Whoops. I forgot to add "and the Seahawks lose a game" to my list. I've edited it now.

    If we, the Giants and the Seahawks all end up at 10-6, we host the Giants. Also true if the Seahawks finish at 9-7.
  18. Ntegrase96

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    No and he's why...

    1. Impact players: Their two, new 'splash' players from last year aren't having as good of years. (JPP and Cruz... although Cruz' '12 season is nothing to sneeze at).

    2. Eli: Excluding the game against TB earlier, Eli Manning has been pretty mediocre this year. He also seems to have lost that 4th quarter edge he had last year.

    3. Their backbone, the defensive line, is getting old. At age 29, Tuck is all but worn down, Umenyioura is 31, and Canty is 30.

    4. Secondary: Aaron Ross was pretty bad so they let him go, which makes sense. But it only left Terrell Thomas, Webster, Amukamara and a rookie Jayron Hoseley. Doesn't sound too bad until you realize Thomas was coming back from an ACL injury which he re-aggravated during TC, Webster is 30 and was clearly on the decline, and Amukamara is kind of injury prone himself. Then throw in that S Kenny Phillips is injury prone as well and you've got a pretty shaky secondary. Can you imagine how bad they'd be if they hadn't found Stevie Brown?

    5. Offensive line: The Giants had a pretty bad line last year and did possibly even less than we did to address that weakness. They're also getting older in that area as well. I'm still scratching my head on the Giants taking a Running Back in the 1st round-- RBs are a dime a dozen unless they're THE running back from that draft class like Trent Richardson, but that's just my opinion... which leads me to...

    6. Low impact from Draft Picks: they may eventually pan out, but so far the Giant rookies haven't been given much of a chance to prove their worth, probably because of their own mistakes.

    7. No motivation: When the Giants are motivated they are a very tough team, but they've only had that 'chip on their shoulder' two games out of the year (@SF and vs GB). But their biggest rivals provide no motivation-- the Eagles have flamed out, Dallas is all banged up to hell, and it seems the Redskins still can't be taken seriously by the Giants. They don't fear these teams overtaking them in the standings and haven't played with any urgency because of it. Plus, they've got their rings and have proven all they need to for now.

    7. Martellus Bennett curse: Dude is haunted!

    All that said, they could easily 'flip a switch' and dominate in the playoffs. They can close out games and not too many clubs match up well with NFCE style of football that the Giants embody.
  19. Stryker44

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    I don't think they were ever that good after Parcells left...they've just buckled down and played good football when they've needed to do so in recent years.

    A dominant team can have a bad game and still beat you by 10 points or more.
  20. BanditHiro

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    luck can only take you so far...

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