Are We Being Too Hard On Dez?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboys&LakersFan, Oct 3, 2012.

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    I've heard alot of we should bench or even get rid of Dez. I myself have been upset with Dez, but I just took a look at his numbers. So far this season Dez has 21 catches for 269 recieving yards, just under 13 yards per catch, however he has zero touchdowns. Considering the fact that the offensive line is absolutely atrocious and can't contain their blocks for more than a couple of seconds that's not really surprising.

    Also we aren't really targeting him in the red zone. Dez is on pace for 84 catches, 1,076 recieving yards, and 12.8 yards per catch. Now I'm not saying he hasn't been a little dissapointing because he certainty has, but I think we are being a little too hard on him. Dez is a good football player and at times great. He just has to develop that consistency.

    I was watching NFL Network earlier and Darren Woodson thinks the Cowboys should bench Dez. I don't agree with this absurd idea at all. First of all it'd make us a much worse football team with Dez on the bench. Ogeltree has been okay at the #3, but he's not a #2 reciever in this league. Not by a long shot.

    Our offense is already struggling to score and you wanna take our most explosive wideout out? Just doesn't make sense. Another thing is we risk losing Dez if we bench him. We already know he's got some maturity issues. Do you really think he'll handle being benched well? I don't think so.
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    He's lacking horrendously in the cerebral department. That's my main concern with him.
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    Dez is just part of the offensive woes. If we intend to increase the scoring, Dez has to get his head in the game from start to finish. Our offense is not good enough to carry a WR who continually makes blunders.

    With a poor line, Romo needs all of his receivers on the same page; otherwise, we will continue to see much of the same results.

    In short, it doesn't matter if us fans are too hard on him or not, it will not change a thing. The coaches are the one's who need to be hard on him, which they could very well be doing.

    ---sticking to the topic here and not involving the other obvious issues---
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    I agree which is exactly why benching him makes zero sense. Do that and we risk losing him mentally for the rest of the season.
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    If that's the case then let him sit and cry. He's not helping all that much while he's in the game anyway. If he can't be a man and take the benching as a motivational tool, then let him sit the rest of the season for all i care.

    I personally don't think a benching would affect him as much as you do, but babying players isn't the way to go.
  6. GoCowboysGo

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    I wonder if his handlers think the fans are being too hard on him?

  7. spolcyc

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    He has to get the tough lessons one day or another. If he's not putting the proper amount of effort in, then something needs to be done to change that.
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    the man seems to be dumb. he would not be starting on many NFL teams. but, given that JG is currently enrolled in HC-101 and the team seems to be in a rebuilding phase, why not play the guy, especially since the bench is weak. The biggest problem that Cowboy fans have these days is that our expectations are too high, especially after the Giants game. Our team is not very good and we have to realize that as in 2001, we may fall short of the playoffs once again. Such is the way that it is for many other NFL teams....

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    Too hard on Dez? Remember how Irvin tried to mentor him? Or how about Deion Sanders? Instead he's off on his own getting cought with his pants down in shopping malls and arrested for domestic violence. Lastly Jay Novacek was his last mentor, but you hear nothing about that - not then, not now. Sadly we hear more about how Jerry needs to hire him babysitters. Dez Bryant is waste of mental space and a spot on the Dallas Cowboys roster.
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    I dont know that anyone is hard enough on him. I dont think you win with garbage like him on the team. Oh he's talented, but he does just enough dumb things to help you lose.

    I couldnt believe despite mistake after mistake Monday Night that Garrett kept sending him out there. A series or two off would have been a move to accountability perhaps.

    As far as benching him, if he tanks it after a benching then does anyone really want that kind of players on the team?
  11. SkinsandTerps

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    Who is being hard on him ? The fans ?

    The team seems to be just fine with what he is doing.

    Problem C&LF is that even if he produces the projected numbers...he should be elite. One of the best with his size, speed, hands, athleticism...he should be in the league of Calvin Johnson.

    Not to mention, you can't project (if you extend numbers that way) any TD's since through 4 games he has none. He could explode, or shut down.
  12. hornitosmonster

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    He doesn't have it. Trade him to the jets
  13. anj113

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    for me its not about numbers with Dez, its what between his ears which is NOTHING.. Thats his problem.. YOu cant teach that.. Skill and talent dosent mean a damn thing... Im not sure Dez has the mental makeup to be even a good WR in this league.. Its obvious that Romo does not trust him.. IM sure both sides are at fault there, but there def is a problem and im not sure it can be fixed... This is what worries me about Dez.. But im tired of all the excuses we make for this kid... Its all on him now
  14. JustDezIt

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    he had a bad game and went over 100 yards /thread #ishhappens
  15. Hostile

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    31 other teams in the NFL will tell you they have to fear or respect Dez Bryant and what he can do.

    31 other teams in the NFL would take him right now and be thrilled.

    Our fans want to be French and wave the white flag.
  16. Joe Realist

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    I don't think he will realize his potential, at least not here. The worst thing was Jerry giving him the 88 jersey. He should have to earn it.
  17. Zimmy Lives

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    I somewhat agree unless Dallas can get back to their 90s roots and begin playing smash-mouth football again. Dez would thrive in a passing offense based off of play action.
  18. anj113

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    I disagree totally..... No one is giving up on the guy, but relax about all 32 teams would take him in a second.. Come on now
  19. Dallas4ever

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    Well said! I agree 100%. If Dez was biggest problem on offense, we'd be either 3-1 or undefeated.
  20. Dallas4ever

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    No offense, but you're delusional if you think there's a team out there who wouldn't have Dez on their team.

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