Are we now the fourth best organization in the division?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Numbers921, Nov 24, 2012.

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    I agree, I just don't see how anyone can say that the 'Skins and Eagles are better organizations than the Cowboys at this time. The Eagles are literally in COMPLETE DISARRAY. Nobody even knows who their Head Coach, Offense Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator, and starting QB are going to be next year. And somehow they're superior to Dallas? Good God.

    And all the 'Skins love is a little premature. They've been a worse organization than Dallas, and for a much longer period of time. They have a terrible defense and holes on both sides of the ball, not to mention they still have a losing record. And let's not forget 2 other key points in regards to Washington:

    1) They gave up a boat load of draft picks for RG3, which will hamper their ability to fill their existing holes through the next couple drafts. And...

    2) Due to their structuring of salaries during the uncapped year they incurred some serious salary cap penalties that will prevent them from filling holes through free agency next year. Dallas was penalized for the same thing but on a much smaller scale.
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    This thread still screams out reactionary to me, look at the Skins season as a whole instead of just Thursdays game and you see that they're really not playing well.Sure RG3 has played well but that's a pick that anyone with a font office job in the NFL makes. Wait til the off season once they start signing washed up busts to determine organization strength.
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    I don't think its the way the teams are playing at this moment in time.....its how the organizations in general are set up to win in the future....

    and the Boys for the past 16 years have shown us how they are set up.....and nowhere does it look like it is going to least the others do and probably will make changes as they go along. It is not are you going to make mistakes? It is are you going to LEARN from those mistakes? And my guess is Jerry will not.

    So if we are not the 4th in our division----we are tied for 3rd....does that make you feel better??? :confused:
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    Well for once in 16 Yeas maybe Dallas can win WHEN IN COUNTS, December!

    Though winning at the right time Historically doesn't happen with Jerruhs Chillens.

    We'll just have to wait and see....then upon FAIL, we'll just have to track that bastid down and starve on his brain.
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    You make enough big moves and you'll eventually get one right. They finally got a QB. That's huge in today's NFL but the Redskins are not close to a championship team. I think you'd still have to rate the Cowboys' higher due to at least being consistently mediocre. It's a comparison of two turds though.
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    How are the Eagles better than us? They are a mess. They went for broke last summer and did absolutely nothing with that roster for now 2 seasons. And had a 1st round boot in 2009 (by us) and 2010. We have won a playoff game more recent than them. They haven't been dominant since the McNabb era when thy went on their run.
  7. crashintonickdm

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    cowboys > anyone in the division.

    i dont care how embarassing or pathetic they are currently.
  8. rocyaice

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    So the Deadskins have RGIII and Alfred Morris and that's about it. They have no 1st round pick next season. Eagirls are about to fire their head coach and just gave their backup quarterback 100 million dollar contract.

    I don't get what these other franchises are doing that deserves to be applauded aside from the SUPER BOWL CHAMPS.

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