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Arizona Cardinals Picks

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Hostile

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    Rd 1 - 005 - Levi Brown OT, Penn St

    BIOGRAPHY: Former defensive lineman who switched to offense as a freshman and then started at tackle the next four years. All-Conference choice after his junior and senior campaigns.

    POSITIVES: Nice-sized pass-protecting lineman with a good understanding of his position. Blocks with leverage, immediately gets hands into defenders, then controls them at the point of attack. Strong, easily holds his ground and rarely gives up an inch of room.

    NEGATIVES: Lacks adjustment and overall blocking range. Does not consistently play with a nasty attitude.

    ANALYSIS: More of a finesse lineman, Brown has the physical, mechanical and intellectual tools to be a starting tackle at the next level. Must develop some consistent fire to his game, which will help him be a top-notch blocker.


    Cards trade second round pick (#38) and fourth round pick (#105) to Raiders for Raiders second round pick (#33)

    Rd 2 - 033 - (From Raiders) Alan Branch DT, Michigan

    BIOGRAPHY: Two-year starter awarded All-Conference honors last season posting 25/6/2, also intercepting a pass and breaking up an additional throw. Sophomore totals included 31/10/5.

    POSITIVES: Massive defensive lineman who could be used in a variety of systems. Quickly gets off the snap with a good first step, displays power in his lower body and collapses the pocket. Fluid changing direction, redirects to the action and easily brings ball.

    NEGATIVES: Gets tall, does not protect himself and is an easy target for blockers. Does not play with great balance. Must develop more moves with his hands. Needs to properly condition himself.

    ANALYSIS: At times, a dominant force on the inside, Branch has been an impressive defender at Michigan. Offers the ability to be used as a two-gap lineman or a wide-bodied conventional tackle. Possesses great upside but must improve the fundamentals.


    Rd 3 - 069 - Buster Davis LB, Florida State

    BIOGRAPHY: Three-year starter awarded All-American honors last season after leading Florida State in tackles. Numbers were 103/8/5 with one interception two pass break-ups. Junior totals included 81 tackles.

    POSITIVES: Hard-charging defender who constantly makes positive plays. Displays good instincts and is relentless in pursuit of the action. Fast in every direction, explosive up the field filling gaps and gets depth on pass drops.

    NEGATIVES: Cannot shed blocks once engaged at the point, and struggles getting through the trash. Lack of height causes mismatches in coverage when he takes on tight ends.

    ANALYSIS: A fiery defender with a special-teams mentality, Davis is a perfect fit for a system that allows him to freely flow to the action.


    Rd 4 - 105 - Traded to Raiders
    Rd 5 - 142 - Steve Breaston WR, Michigan
    Rd 7 - 215 - Ben Patrick TE, Delaware
  2. Sam I Am

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    This is where a team drafted on need rather than value. They needed Joe Thomas, but settled for Levi Brown. With the 5th overall pick, Peterson, and Quinn still on the board, they should have traded down and still got Levi Brown.

    I rate this right up there with Miami's blunder. D- (no F because they were able to nab Branch in the second round.) While his work ethic is questionable. His physical tools are 100% #1 round.
  3. phillycard

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    I agree nyc. We could have went down possibly 5 spots or so, and still nabbed Brown. Toss in a 3rd or 4th rounder and it would have been a coup. I think your out of order with your grade though. Levi's pick alone warrants kudos. A little early yes, but he'll be a monster for us, and Branch when motivated will do yeomans work.
  4. InmanRoshi

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    Peter King said that they had Levi Brown rated higher than Joe Thomas. Russ Grimm likes maulers, not finesse guys like Joe Thomas. Levi Jones was the best mauler in the draft. Indications are that Jones wouldn't have gotten past the Falcons at #7.

    I really liked the Cardinals draft, and I think Wisenhunt is going to get the team in the right direction. That Steeler attitude is exactly what the Cardinals need. They've been builing their team around WR's, and they've been getting pushed around and bullied for far too long. Jones, Branch and Buster Davis will bring that team some much needed muscle and attitude.
  5. phillycard

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  6. Cowboys2theBowl

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    Dont you think the Cards are Kicking themselves for Passing Peterson, Edge is old and they have nothing behind him, Passing Mendenhall and not adding anybody. With Whisenhunts run style Offense big mistake!!

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