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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by sporadic, Mar 23, 2006.

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    Any scout taliking bad about this guy is trying to get him to fall where they can pick him. I hope you can get to this page...not sure how to create a link. If not go to sports page and you cannot miss it.
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    Slower than expected and threw all balls AFTER the receivers break and didn't make the moderatly hard to hard throws. Sounds like the Houston sports guy WANTS someone to trade up and take the Texans pick.

    Where is Michael Bishop now a days?
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    Thats funny...I could be completely off about this guy (BUT...Bishop couldn't hold VY's jock), but I think he will be a hell of a player. If not, through all of my posts regarding VY, I have provided all of the ammunition needed for future "I told you so"
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    nothing new, just another article for VY, to go against the ones that are either by objective reporters, scouts, GMs, media person, coach, etc. or just somone who is not a VY person.

    Today I've heard and read for and against it is still a tie, s person just has to figure out if the ones that are supposedly against VY is speaking objectively or not.

    I for one can say I look at VY's ability objectively. I will wait and see if anyone can help him to be an NFL Qb, so my judgement will be made as soon as he is a starter in the NFL, if ever at the QB spot anyway.

    At WR he wiould be instant success.

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