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    Ex-guard pursuing a different course after football
    By Carlos Mendez
    Star-Telegram Staff Writer

    It's not uncommon for life after football to include golf. Glen Titensor's life in golf is because of football.

    The former Cowboys guard is owner of Timbercreek Golf Center in Lewisville, the result of a fling with the sport that began during his days with one of the most popular teams in the NFL.

    "I've always been interested in golf, but I started playing when I first got to the Cowboys," he said. "We usually participated in a lot of charity golf tournaments."

    Titensor has owned the golf club since 1993, but his days don't include playing much golf. He manages the facility and five employees, sometimes winding up at work even when he could have a day off.

    "I kind of come here every day to keep a close eye on it," he said. "There's a lot of work involved."

    Titensor did not have plans for a career in golf after his final season with the Cowboys in 1988. He opted to help his brother, a dentist, in his lab.

    "I dabbled in it for a year and a half right after I retired," he said. "It wasn't bad. It just wasn't too exciting for me."

    He bought the property for the golf club as an investment, he said.

    "I put the golf range on there not only to help pay the property taxes, but also to provide income," Titensor said.

    It also provides a tie to his days with the Cowboys. He said former teammates frequently visit the club, and he never grows tired of visits from old friends.

    "The thing I miss about my Cowboys days is the camaraderie I had with my teammates," he said. "That's why it's so good to see them come through here now and then."

    Titensor joined the Cowboys in 1981 as a third-round pick out of Brigham Young, playing in 16 games as a rookie. He played in 82 games in his seven-year career. He was part of Tom Landry's final Cowboys team in 1988.

    But by his final season, the NFL was changing at his position.

    "They were getting all these big guys in -- 300-pound guys," he said. "I was on the light side at 280 pounds. It was just time. It was toward the end of my career."

    Titensor grew up in Westminster, Calif., but he never left North Texas after retiring.

    "California has nice weather, and I had a great time growing up as a kid, but it's just too crowded," he said. "This is a good area to raise your kids."

    Now, if he could just get his golf game straightened out.

    "I'm still learning," Titensor said. "You never learn the complete game."



    Age: 46

    Years with the Cowboys:

    1981-86, 1988

    Acquired: Third-round pick in 1981 from Brigham Young.

    Family: Wife, Sherry; sons, Scott, 18, and Brad, 16; daughter, Kristy, 9.

    Favorite memory with the Cowboys: "My rookie year, when we went to the NFC Championship Game against San Francisco, the 'Catch' game. I was excited about being in the NFL, and we got that close to the Super Bowl."
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    Nice article.. I remember meeting him after the game in Philadelphia in 1986... down to earth, real quiet guy.
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    Wow, I've played that course like 8 times in prob the last 5 years, even as late as the weekend after T-giving. Never even knew that was Titensor who introduced himself to us, he just referred to himself as "Glen".
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    Maybe it was Glen Campell?? Nah... you're a big fan of his, you would have recognized him right away... :D

    "Like a Rhinestone Cowboy... !!" :p
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