Article: Marinelli's Offseason Should Be Busy (Roy Williams Trade Mention)

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    I haven't seen this posted here yet. Just figured since many of us have been discussing a desire to trade for Roy Williams or the rumor that he may be available, people may want to read this piece.

    Marinelli's offseason should be busy
    by Tom Kowalski
    Sunday January 13, 2008, 12:15 AM

    AP File Photo
    Lions coach Rod Marinelli probably isn't done tinkering with his roster, according to Tom Kowalski.ALLEN PARK -- Of the 65 Detroit Lions players who finished the season either on the roster or the injured list, it's likely 20 to 25 won't be back with the team next season.

    The Lions started the season 6-2 and it looked like coach Rod Marinelli had made several good choices in assembling his team. But as the team skidded through a six-game losing streak at the height of their playoff push, it was obvious to me Marinelli wasn't finishing tinkering with the roster.

    Some of the decisions Marinelli will make for next season will be based on a player's passion and ability to compete at a high level, but most of his moves will be based on talent.

    As the Lions head into a very critical 2008 offseason, here's who I think should be staying and leaving -- and who I believe is on the bubble:

    • Staying: Jon Kitna, Drew Stanton and Dan Orlovsky
    • Leaving: J.T. O'Sullivan
    • Summary: Kitna is the odds-on favorite to return as the starter, although Detroit's simplified offense could bring Stanton, last year's second-round draft choice out of Michigan State, into the picture. Kitna is coming off a subpar season (18 touchdowns, 20 interceptions and six lost fumbles) but a solid offensive line and more balanced attack can turn that around.

    Running backs
    • Staying: Kevin Jones and T.J. Duckett
    • Leaving: Tatum Bell
    • On the bubble: Jon Bradley, Brian Calhoun and Aveion Cason
    • Summary: Jones is recovering from ACL surgery on his right knee and he's expected back by the start of training camp. If T.J. Duckett re-signs as a free agent, which I expect, the Lions might not go after another high-profile free agent. The Lions are going to give Calhoun every opportunity to make an impact and he's probably down to his last shot. The Lions liked what they got out of Bradley, but they'll still try to upgrade at fullback.

    Wide receivers
    • Staying: Calvin Johnson, Mike Furrey and Shaun McDonald
    • Leaving: Brandon Middleton
    • On the bubble: Roy Williams, Troy Walters and Devale Ellis
    • Summary: I believe Williams is going to be used as trade bait leading up to the draft because he'll likely bolt when he becomes a free agent in 2009. Johnson should have a standout season because he'll no longer be dealing with the pain in his back and that pain in his neck, Detroit's complicated offense, also will be gone. Ellis will get a chance to win the No. 5 receiver spot by showing some flashes in the kick return game.

    Tight ends
    • Staying: Dan Campbell
    • On the bubble: Sean McHugh and Casey FitzSimmons
    • Summary: The Lions need to find at least one good young blocking tight end with speed because Campbell has been injury prone the past couple of years and the Lions can't rely on him. Both McHugh and FitzSimmons are good all-around players, but neither is a dominant blocker

    Offensive line
    • Staying: Jeff Backus, Edwin Mulitalo, Dominic Raiola, Stephen Peterman, and Jonathan Scott
    • Leaving: George Foster and Barry Stokes
    • On the bubble: Damien Woody, Frank Davis, Manny Ramirez and Blaine Saipaia
    • Summary: If Woody doesn't re-sign as a free agent, and that's a 50-50 proposition at this point, there is a large vacancy at right tackle. The Lions need to plug that hole with a quality player, probably a veteran free agent, if they don't want to repeat the same problems as last season. Look for Davis, if he can stay healthy, to push Peterman for the starting job at right guard. The Lions are expected to draft another lineman at some point in the draft to improve the depth and there will be strong competition for backup spots in training camp.

    Defensive line
    • Staying: Dewayne White, Cory Redding, Jared DeVries and Ikaika Alama-Francis
    • Leaving: Kalimba Edwards
    • On the bubble: Shaun Rogers, Langston Moore and Corey Smith
    • Summary: Edwards started the season strong but slid into oblivion and probably won't be back next season. That leaves a crucial opening at right end and it's one of the toughest spots in football to fill. There are a couple of veteran free agents who would be a good fit, but would cost a bundle: Jared Allen of the Kansas City Chiefs and Justin Smith of the Cincinnati Bengals. The Lions also will address this position in the draft, but it's unrealistic to believe a rookie will be able to step in and produce immediately. It's going to be an interesting situation with Rogers, who was ineffective during Detroit's six-game losing streak. At this point, there's no telling whether the Lions will cut Rogers, try to trade him or welcome him back for one more try.

    • Staying: Ernie Sims, Paris Lenon and Alex Lewis
    • Leaving: Boss Bailey and Teddy Lehman
    • On the bubble: Anthony Cannon, Buster Davis
    • Summary: Both Bailey and Lehman, former second-round draft picks, will become unrestricted free agents and aren't likely to return because the Lions want to upgrade the linebacking corps. With Lenon expected to be moved to the strong side, the Lions have to find a quality middle backer who has the speed to get downfield but the power to blast running backs in the short passing game. That's a position the Lions could address with their first-round draft pick (No. 15 overall).

    Defensive backs
    • Staying: Travis Fisher, Gerald Alexander, Daniel Bullocks and Idrees Bashir
    • Leaving: Fernando Bryant, Keith Smith, Stanley Wilson and Kenoy Kennedy
    • On the bubble: Dovonte Edwards, Greg Blue and Ramzee Robinson
    • Summary: Fisher and Smith both are free agents and the Lions want them both back, but Fisher is more likely to re-sign because he has a larger role in the defense. Fisher will be the team's nickel back, which means they're still looking for two new starters -- I don't expect last year's starters, Fernando Bryant and Stanley Wilson, to return. The Lions will address this position heavily in the draft, especially in the first three rounds. Because they're so thin, don't be surprised to see the Lions draft two or three cornerbacks overall.

    With Alexander and Bullocks, who will be returning from injured reserve, starting at safety, Kennedy -- because he isn't strong on special teams -- isn't a viable candidate for a backup spot.

    Special teams
    • Staying: Jason Hanson, Nick Harris and Don Muhlbach
    • On the bubble: Troy Walters and Aveion Cason
    • Summary: The kicking game, despite a few hiccups by Jason Hanson, is solid and no changes are expected. The areas in which the Lions need to make upgrades are in the coverage game and the return units, where the team needs to find a returner who can provide more spark.
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    Ship 'em #28 and a box of chocolates.
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    I'd give them #28 for RW without a second thought. He's better than any WR in the draft by far.
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    I'd give them #29 or was it #28.....
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    Give them #29 and Roy Williams for Roy Williams and their third round pick! Hell their fourth. The reason isn't to get the pick, it's the rid ourselves of the contract! :laugh2:
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    I would give them our 3rd round pick and no more. Heck, New England got Moss for a 4th round pick. Maybe it is undervalue but Roy has been injured every year with something or other. Maybe go up to our second round pick but nothing higher at all.
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    How about Roy Williams for Roy Williams straight up.


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