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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by HardHittingRoy31, Apr 10, 2007.

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    Although I am enamoured with the Idea of having Ginn or Jarrett, and also feel that we have to add a playmaker to the defensive backfield like Nelson, Ross, Houston or Merriweather, Staley might just be the smartest pick.

    I certainly wouldn't be dissapointed if our scouts determined that Staley was worth the 22 pick. I don't approve of grabbing him just because he is a LT and we could have a need there soon. But if we truly feel that Staley will be a darn good football player, and is a superior prospect to the other available players, then I like the pick.

    Like ABC said, if this guy could step in at LT after next year, I like the Idea of moving Flozell over to right tackle. Flozell looked pretty good at RT in the pro bowl, and the move could prolong his career.

    In other words, if he loses a step with age he could become a liability at LT, and have difficulty staying with the speed rushers. At RT he could use his enormous size to engulf at RT.

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