ARTICLE: Prospects we were interested in at the senior bowl

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cboyd, Jan 26, 2006.

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    Thomas Howard is going to be a football player.

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    So we're basically looking for OLB's to play in hte 3-4. Hmmmm...That just about means that Bradie James will take over the ILB spot on a full-time basis to replace Dat Nguyin.

    I do remember reading somewhere that the Cowboys liked how Bradie James performed at ILB late in the year - recognizing plays and calling defensive allignments. But our run-D did suffer quite a bit as of late also, so I'm not quite sure how to evaluate Bradie James as an ILB. :confused:

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    Who do they think he is? Herschel Walker? :lmao:
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    According to an article by a Washington sports writer, the skins have big time cap problems and will have great difficulty signing their own free agents and rookies. There is no way they will have anything close to 5 million dollars to spend on free agency and that's after restructuring several contracts and cutting Arrington and other players. The Skins are going nowhere fast. Snyder is praying that 2007 is an uncapped year because that's the only way he'll get the Skins out of salary cap hell.:)
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    Exactly. Both Ellis and Glover had their snaps reduced significantly, so of course the production will trail off. I'll be surprised to see either one of them next year.
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    Sure. Becomes even more pressing if Ellis leaves.
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    Ellis is an edge rusher. How good of one he is would be another debate entirely. :D
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    Bradie James started all 16 games at ILB. I don't think he is taking over for anyone.

    He is solid and should improve with another year in the system.

    The issue is the other ILB spot and the OLB spot opposite Ware.
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    Burnett may get a chance to step up and start in one of the other LB spots. I also thought Fujita played better as the season went on. So he might be in the starting mix as well.
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    I agree, seem many only talk about pass rushing when talking defense well Dallas giving up 4.2 yards a run tells me the run defense needs to improve. Looking at the 2 teams sitting in the SB tells me the run is still very much alive in the NFL and you better be able to stop it, our losses late in the season against the Skins and Giants in large part was because we could not stop their running game. I think ability to get after a QB is very important but by the same token if a team can keep the ball on the ground and move the chains the pass rush becomes meaningless.
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    Some of these guys at the practice couldn't catch a cold today. Drop after drop. Anyone know anything about Brodie Croyle? The announcers talked him up a bit, mentioning he only threw 4 interceptions at SCC. He is putting his throws where they need to be, guys just aren't catching them.
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    I think we'll be much improved against the run next year. I believe this is who will start:
    DE - Spears
    NT - Ferguson
    DE - Canty

    OLB - Ware
    ILB - James
    ILB - Burnett
    OLB - ?

    Spears, Canty, Ware, James, and Burnett were all either 1st year starters or rookies (except for Ferguson). With actual game experience under their belts and a full year of weight training, etc., they should play even better now and we should improve against the run. So I'm more interested in improving the pass rush because I believe we're already on our way to being better against the run.
  13. 5mics

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    Check out who I have us taking in the 2nd round. I've had him going to us since I put down my very early top 3 Cowboys mock. Good to hear that he's doing well and that the 'Boys are interested......

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