ARTICLE: Q&A with Randy White (Pics)

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    Matthew Girard
    Jacksonville Progress

    NFL Hall of Famer and former Dallas Cowboy, Randy White was at Franklin Bank (formerly Jacksonville Bank) on Friday to help celebrate the bank’s Franklin Friday event.

    White, a Super Bowl XII co-MVP in 1978, was on hand to meet with fans and sign autographs. The nine-time NFL Pro Bowl selection signed autographs for an hour.

    The Progress sat down with White during his appearance and talked about retirement, his hair turning gray, and giving Terrell Owens a chance.

    Q: How has retirement been treating you?

    A: “Retirement has been wonderful. Been busy and enjoying something that I like to do. I like fishing, I make custom knives, doing some personal appearances, involved in some different restaurants, own part of a phone company called ‘Randy White Telecommunications,’ so I stay pretty busy.”

    Q: What is it like for you to go out and meet Dallas Cowboy fans?

    A: “It’s a lot of fun, especially to come to a town like Jacksonville, where people don’t get to see live Dallas Cowboy football players. It amazes me to see people that used to follow the Cowboys when I played, and they bring in pictures of when I didn’t have any gray hair, so it’s neat.”

    Q: How is the NFL different from when you played?

    A: “It’s still football. Salaries are a lot higher and I think the personality of the game has changed a little bit as far as the players and the way they look at the game. It seems to me that they look at it as more of a business. When I played, it was more of a game. Football is still football.”

    Q: Is Terrell Owens going to be a good acquisition for the Cowboys?

    A: “I think he will bring a dimension to that team that they have not had for a long time. Hopefully, he’ll be able to play football and not become a distraction to the team.I say give the guy a chance and see what he does.”


    Former Dallas Cowboy great and NFL Hall of Famer, Randy White signs a football for a fan at Franklin Bank (formerly Jacksonville Bank), during the Franklin Friday event.
    Matthew Girard / Jacksonville Progress

    Randy White signs a photograph for a fan at Franklin Bank (formerly Jacksonville Bank) during the Franklin Friday event.
    Matthew Girard / Jacksonville Progress
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    Randy White has always impressed me as one of the more down to earth former stars. He confesses modern-day players look at football as more of a business but he doesn't get on his high horse and give us the "when we were playing..." Same for the TO situation, no grandstanding about how no previous Cowboys roster would have accepted him when if fact we've had problems with star players through the history of this organization. Just tells it like it is, and doesn't have a big head about it. Always good with the fans. Way to go Randy, a class during his playing days and after!
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    When I met Randy at a card show in NJ, he talked to me for 30 minutes about the Catch game and some of the other games from his years in Dallas. Could not have been nicer and was just a real pleasure to be around. One of my all time favorite players....pure Class....
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    Cowboy and NFL legend signing autographs in a bank.
    Gotta love it.
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    ...picture with him handing/receiving the football.

    He's in fairly decent shape for a guy in retirement. He definitely didn't let himself go.

    Good definition on his biceps and forearms.
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    My favorite all-time Cowboy! Thank you for the Post of the Year WG!

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    This is the only thing I now hate about the salary cap. Before the cap you could keep any player you wanted to keep and qulaity players would spend their whole carreers on one team. That way they could build long-term relationships on one roster and could really "gel" as a team. Perhaps that's why in Randy's day NFL Football felt more like a game. Today about 1/3 of every team's roster changes every season, and the rosters now-a-days are even smaller than before the cap. Even though I like that the cap has allowed more toeams to stay competitive, in the end I'll take Randy-White-Style Football over the current NFL product any day.

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    Met the Manster in Ft. Lauderdale in early 90's. Was at a card show at the Sawgrass Mills Mall. Didn't know it was going on. Just so happen to drive there. Or else I would have taken my camera :(
    Anyway, was on our way out, and just so happened to look down another direction and stopped in my tracks. Told my wife, that's Randy White. He was getting ready to leave. So my wife goes and buys a miniature Cowboys helmet. I go over and talk to him. He spent about 15 minutes talking about diffrent things in football. Waiting for my wife to come over so he could sign the helmet.
    Asked him about his SB XII ring he had on. He took it off, said here, try it on. Seemed I could get 2 fingers in it (not really, but it was a big ring). I thought was was the coolest thing. Very down to Earth, and willing to give people time to talk.

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