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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Zaxor, Dec 4, 2006.

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    First published: Monday, December 4, 2006.

    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Nobody likes losers. That's why nobody names airports after Michael Dukakis or stadiums after Ray Handley. The Giants aren't the most popular team after losing to the Cowboys, but it's not just the avalanche of displeasure and disappointment in a team that has lost four consecutive games. It's this, too:

    The Giants are unlikable.

    We fall for some teams' resilience and spirit. We admire others for their talent and professionalism, their individual players' character and abilities or some combination of these traits. But only a mother could love these Giants. Somebody blind to their failings and faults could find this team appealing, though it's not.

    It starts with the coach. I may be in the minority because I consider Tom Coughlin a good one, but he's not doing a good job this year. The Giants committed three personal fouls Sunday and nine penalties, for 94 yards, altogether. If Bob Whitfield wasn't losing his composure and head-butting somebody, Jason Bell was delivering an out-of-bounds hit. It's great that Plaxico Burress felt engaged enough to hit someone. It would've been better if it hadn't been a cheap shot.

    This stuff happens a lot. It's fine to be a stern disciplinarian, but then your team sure had better play with discipline. It's hard to like a coach with the personality of a footlocker when his team's composure goes AWOL.

    Then there's Jeremy Shockey, who permitted a pass to spiral through his hands and bonk him in the chest, before it fell to turf. Shockey talks a lot for a guy who drops passes a lot. When Shockey overheard teammate Antonio Pierce praising Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's performance, Shockey said aloud, "A very average quarterback."

    I asked why he called Romo, who has played brilliantly since replacing Drew Bledsoe, an average quarterback. Shockey denied saying what he said seconds before, claiming he said "a very average player."

    "I was just talking to myself," he told me. "I wasn't talking about Romo. I'm talking about me."

    I have it on digital recorder. He said "average quarterback," not player. People like and appreciate players who are accountable. When Shockey says something impetuous or foolish -- as he sometimes does -- then denies it, he's hard to like.

    We like Burress' talent, but how do you like a player who gives up on plays and his team? It was Burress, by the way, not Coughlin, who called timeout with 1:42 left and the Giants, down 20-13, at Dallas' 12. Dallas would've had less time on their final drive if Burress hadn't erred.

    We want to like Eli Manning. But he's so passive and sleepy-eyed, so unlikely to display emotional fire, even embers -- and so inconsistent -- that New York's other quarterback, Chad Pennington, remains eminently more likable.

    We love Michael Strahan when he's killing quarterbacks. But by berating an ESPN reporter last week, he demonstrated once again that he's a bully.

    Tiki Barber's likable. He should talk to Brandon Jacobs, who erupted when one reporter too many asked him about his 3-yard loss on fourth-and-1. "Somebody better get him out of here, man," Jacobs told Giants director of public relations Peter John-Baptiste.

    Better yet, somebody take this team away.

    Brian Ettkin can be reached at 454-5457 or by e-mail at
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    good stuff and very accurate..... I can't stand them especially Manning! None of the Mannings have won JACK..... I don't get the love for them!:ralph: :ralph: :ralph: :ralph:
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    Nice find Zaxor. It was cool of Pierce to give Romo props.
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    I feel sorry for the coach that replaces Coughlin. That's quite a collection of players who have their own personal agenda and an over-inflated opinion of themselves.
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    Everybody knows the truth, just the people on the other side of fence don't like to admit it...

    How many tems have made the switch since Parcells inserted Romo?
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    Shockey: Stupid is and stupid does.
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    cry me a river shockey
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    :lmao2: :lmao: You kill me sometimes.
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    I can honestly understand why some are tempted to call Romo average.

    He's not your prototype franchise QB. Aikman was, Peyton is, Elway, Marino, Palmer. Big, tall, physically imposing, strong arms, kind of a stern John Wayne-esq personality that oozes "I'm the man" without saying a word.

    Romo is none of that. Honestly he just looks like an average guy. But he packs an incredible wallop. Faster, more elusive than you think, stronger arm than you think, smart as a whip when the ball is in his hands, but he plays with almost a smirk on his face.

    Then he beats you on a play. And when the play is over you look at the guy again think "you don't scare me." And then you line up again, and he beats you again, and again, and again. But you still look at him and say, "you don't scare me." His style and appearance will be slow to convince some, but he is very real.

    Reminds me of my thoughts on Chuck Foreman when he was teh Vikings feature back. Not overly fast, strong or elusive, but had just enough of each to be incredibly effective. He'd put up big numbers on you but you're still tempted to look at him and say "you don't scare me."

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    you must be a fan of Space Ghost..
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    That was a very big mistake.. I was wondering why they took that TO.. Coucghlin even mentioned after the game that it was not something that he wanted to do..
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    Reminds me of a scene in The Devils Advocate where Pacinos character is talking about never letting them see you coming...

    " Don't get too cocky my boy. No matter how good you are don't ever let them see you coming. That's the gaffe my friend. You gotta keep yourself small. Innocuous. Be the little guy."
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    I have no idea what Space Ghost is. I just thought that was a funny pic, for certain reasons, that involve me being a horrible human being. :D
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    This guy makes me glad we have a classy TE that is just as good.
  16. sf49rh8r

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    Hell, I hate the Mannings so much I even hate Danny Manning!!!!

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    haha.. well, that makes sense too..

    well, in case you are curious, there was a hilarious cartoon called Space Ghost and they did a song called "I Love Beans".. would ya like to hear it? here it goes!

    Here's a lovely song about my favorite food!
    Lima, lentil, soy and pinto
    Navy, northern and garbonzo
    Kidneys and frijoles negros
    I love beans

    I love beans, woo woo woo
    I love beans, how about you?
    High in fiber, low in fat
    Hey I betcha didn't know that!

    When I eat beans, I sit in my own little cloud
    Nobody comes to visit me, in my little cloud
    I don't know why, maybe it's 'cause I'm cuttin' muffins

    I love beans, hey hey hey
    I love beans EVERYDAY
    Beans are an excellent source of protein
    I love beans, dinky doo!

    I just got the image of Shockey singing that.. :D
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    The Giants are a team in need of psychotherapy right now, and Shockey's the biggest headcase of the bunch.
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    Ricky Manning is a pretty big douchebag too.. funny that players like Plax, TO, and Moss get villified, but you'd never hear Joe Buck mention what Manning did

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