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As if C.B. wasn't a high priority already,

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ThatsmyQB, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. ThatsmyQB

    ThatsmyQB Benched

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    We NEED a replacement for Henry after thi$ year, we need a VERY GOOD nickle corner thi$ year (Better then Reeve$) or e$e we're in the $ame boat a$ la$t year on defen$e, and DEFINATELY need a 4th C.B. al$o caue if and when Newman or Henry get$ hurt, we'll need that 4th C.B. to be the 3rd C.B. or el$e once again have the ame problem la$t year.
    Marion Barber and our running game wa$ NOT the reaon we didn't make it to the $uperbowl, and getting McFadden or not will not be the rea$on we make it or not again thi$ year, if we have a capable #3 C.B. l$t year, the Giant don't drive for a T.D. before halftime and we have a hot at up$etting the Pat and winning a $uperbowl, oh and we can't do that even without a good #3 C.B.!

    It take$ a TEAM to win a $uperbowl!
    The CO$T of McFadden in draft pick$ which will hinder the proce$$ of replacing guy like Owen$ and Henry not to mention the price he'll co$t financially that we couldn't afford to keep him AND Barber, not to mention we wouldn't be able to $ign guy$ like Hamlin and Canty al$o.

    $o it would be nice to upgrade our running game with McFadden, but not at the price of not getting a future #1 W.R. and a future #1 C.B. and a good player we'd get in round 3 (1$t rd pick$ we'd have to give up PLU$ a 3rd at lea$t) AND not being able to re$ign guy like Hamlin and Canty on top of it!
    you're killing 5 po$ition$ to upgrade one po$ition where we already have a Pro-Bowler, ju$t doe$n't make a whole lot of $en$e to me!

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