Asian Kid Attacked By 7 Punks

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Hoofbite, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Hoofbite

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    There's a video on YouTube, pretty disgusting as 7 punks kick and punch a kid who's on the ground.

    Here's a couple screen shots.



    Why did they do it? They wanted his shoes and jacket from what I heard. I don't know how true that is but why they did it is irrelevant, IMO.

    Supposedly they've caught one of the kids which means the rest will be caught soon. That one kid is gonna sing like a canary as soon as they start throwing out threats of charging him with a hate crime.

    I'd charge them all with a hate crime and I'd lock them all up for years. I'd make an example out of them and put them in bars for so long that the whole lot of them would break down like a bunch of sobbing cowards as soon as that gavel struck.
  2. Sam I Am

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    Excellent. (that they caught one of them) Anyone charged with a hate crime should be charged as an adult no matter what age. There is a lot of that going on around here in a Jewish community. Some idiots posting swastikas and saying all jews must die and ****. I think they nabbed at least one of them though. I hope they get locked up for a very long time.

    That said, if they (the punk kids) were trying to take his stuff, a defense attorney can probably get a hate crime charge removed and just defend robbery and assault.
  3. Hostile

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    I think each one of them should be punched and kicked as many times as that kid got punched and kicked. Not just that they threw. That he absorbed.
  4. trickblue

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    These punks should spend a lot of time in the pokey...

    That being said, why is it a hate crime? I watched the video and they kept calling him the N-word for some reason. Is that why?

    Apparently, according to comments from some that know these punks, the Asian kid turned one of them in for cheating off his paper in class.
  5. Hoofbite

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    That's just the thing to do.

    These kids watch videos on World Star Hip Hop or whatever and whenever your in a fight your supposed to flex your street cred by shouting that out..........or some ****.

    As far as the hate crime goes, of course they wouldn't flat out say they attacked him because he was Asian.

    Better to have an excuse like, "he snitched".
  6. Outlaw Heroes

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    As someone who has spent a lot of time studying legal theory, I must say that the notion of stiffer punishment for so-called "hate crimes" is theoretically suspect. Hos's idea of subjecting these punks to the exact torment to which the victim was subjected, on the other hand, has sound theoretical underpinnings and is of a piece with the work of legal philosophers as eminent as Kant and Hegel.
  7. trickblue

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    Agreed... it gets used a LOT for circumstances that don't seem to warrant it...
  8. Achilleslastand

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    The way our forefathers dealt with this type of behavior seems to fit the bill.
  9. Dallas

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    You don't have to send them to jail. What you do is this.

    • Publicly out them
    • Run their photos in newspapers and tv across the nation and explain what they did and why this is happening to them
    • Each of them gets 500 hours of community service and must do every single hour of it
    • Fine them each $1000.00
    • 12 months of Anger Management courses
    • After 6 months do a follow up piece w/ each kid to see how they are doing
    The problem w/ these kids is that the parents don't take any responsibility for them. How a parent is unaware that their child has these types of behavior issues is just completely irrespnsible. How do parents go home and completely ignore the kid and let them run loose all day and night long? It would be interested to see where these kids are in school as far as social groups and grades. The click mentality is very sad in todays world for children. They aren't themselves. They really are scared to show thier own independence, in turn winding up being a follower in a mob of kids just like themselves.

    So blame yourselves parents. If you don't take hold of your kids lives sometimes, this is what how they turn out. They turn out as thugs and hateful deviants in society. They then end up behind bars for 20+ after they stick up and kill the 70 yr old man coming home from the senior center.

    But hey....they got a whole 8 bucks off him.
  10. burmafrd

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    well I would say that each one should get one extra

    In the name of making sure they understood that the punishment should always be worse then the crime - if possible.
  11. arglebargle

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    Burm, are you Scottish? :)

    Sorry, obscure reference there. Had a friend who was a rugby referee (and former player). He was talking about national characteristics of various rugby teams. He said that the Scots team played a tough, hard game that was usually infraction free. But if you cheated (threw an elbow, punched someone, etc), they'd pay it back, and add one. If you retaliated again, they'd pay it back and add one.

    So, apparantly the Scots rugby establishment would agree with your solution.
  12. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    I'd love 5 minutes alone with all of them see how they like their *** kicked.
  13. Sam I Am

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  14. Rynie

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    There is nothing more (female part) about jumping someone. This type of stuff just KILLS ME. Had I witnessed that, I would have intervened somehow. I'm not saying I'm a tough guy, but what a bunch of vaginas.
  15. Dallas

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    You def have to try and assist, but folks are so scared nowadays to get involved. You usually hear about those kinds of folks getting shot or severely hurt, all because they chose to lend a hand.

    Our society in the USA is a completely infested w/ these types of kids and individuals. Nobody cares anymore and compassion is something forgotten nor cared about in their homes.

    Its get yours while you can and all of the entitlement to go along w/ it.
  16. WV Cowboy

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    It wouldn't bother me if they got punched and kicked as many times as they threw one, and not just for the ones that he absorbed.

    Stuff like this rarely goes on in our rural area, so you have a tendency to forget that it goes on. I bet it goes on a lot more than I care to know about.

    I say give'm what they gave.
  17. bbgun

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