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    Deb does it again. She has arranged yet another great interview... :bow:

    Danny White Does The Zone, DFCU, & the BLUE and Silver


    Danny White has agreed to do some fan questions..... so ask him that burning question you've always had....and also take into consideration his AFL career as I'll run this a few days and he's pretty anxious to get them......
    And now...MR. DANNY WHITE...

    A little about the man who was just recently named Head Coach of the Utah Blaze.....maybe Chuck could give us some updates on that....


    A graduate of Mesa Westwood High School in Mesa, Arizona, White had a stellar career as a quarterback and punter at Arizona State University and subsequently appeared briefly in the World Football League before catching on with the National Football League's Dallas Cowboys. Through 1979 he appeared primarily as a punter and backup to star quarterback Roger Staubach, but after Staubach's retirement following the end of that season he became the starting quarterback himself and for a few years did double-duty as its punter until around 1984. He made the pro bowl in 1982 and led the Cowboys to three consecutive NFC championship games (1980-1982), but was widely criticized after the Cowboys lost each of the three despite having been favored in all three games. In 1984 he became involved in a minor automobile accident with a 17-year-old motorist, who referred to White as "you choking dog" once he realized who the driver of the other vehicle was.

    White retired after the 1988 season with 1,761 of 2,950 compltions for 21,959 yards and 155 touchdowns, with 132 interceptions. He also gained 482 yards and 8 touchdowns on the ground. On special teams, he punted 610 times for 24,509 yards, an average of 40.4 yards per punt, with 144 punts in the 20 and 77 touchbacks.

    His career as a coach began shortly after his playing career ended, but he was widely regarded, like Staubach before him, as knowledgeable of the game and as something as a coach on the field even while still an active player (learning those traits from legendary coach Tom Landry), so his success in the Arena Football League, where he led the Rattlers to two Arena Bowl championships and three other ArenaBowl game appearances, and as an analyst, is unsurprising.
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    Mr White,

    Any insterest, whether on your end or other teams ends, in coaching in the college ranks?
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    Of all the games you played as Dallas QB, which one is your favorite and why? In which one did you think you played the best?
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    Danny...thank you for your years with the Cowboys.

    How has the game changed since you played and what skills are most important for a QB to possess in today's game?
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    Do you feel you were better prepared for the QB position after sitting, watching, and learning from both Coach Landry and Roger Staubach or do you think you could've been as successful starting as a rookie?

    Thanks Danny for all the great years.
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    After 'the catch', if you had time to throw and weren't sacked on the fumble play, would you have completed the pass to win the game? I seem to remember you saying that after the game.
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    Danny I truly believe it was a mistake by Tom Landry to replace you with John Madden's Sandwich....:)Hoggie Boom:) okay bad joke but I think that was the begining of the downfall of the Cowboys...was it do to the injured wrist or was it just that Tom thought the Cowboys needed a change... and if so why didn't you demand a trade if you could still play
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    Hey Danny... just wanted to tell you that you were my first favorite Cowboy and I enjoyed watching you play. A part of my childhood was watching you and your family say "Happy Thanksgiving" on CBS. And the light trash talk interviews with an opposing Skins player was good stuff too. You were always cool... luv'd it.

    One thing I would like to ask... have you considered being an Offensive Coordinator or QB coach in the NFL? It's hard to think that with your success in the AFL that someone hasn't given you a call.... so wut gives? Just not interested?

    Anyways... thanks Danny and best wishes.
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    How did it feel to follow a legend in Roger Staubach, after spending 4 years as his backup?
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    My question has to do with you coaching in the NFL, either as a coordinator or head coach. Do you have no interest or is it simply that no one has given you the opportunity yet?
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    Danny, albeit successful, did you ever get in trouble by Laundry for all those fake punts.
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    I was disappointed that you didn't get to be part of the transition from Landry to Jimmy Johnson and help transition Aikman. Were you interested in staying with the Cowboys in 1989? Were you ready to call it a career with the sweeping changes and massive rebuilding that Jimmy brought in? Was Jimmy bent on removing all significant players from the Landry regime in order to avoid any longing looks back at the rich history that would perhaps undermine what he wanted to get done?
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    You played with Coach Landry from his glory days to his last years, so you, more than other players, can best answer this question that fans seemed to debate often. Do you think Coach Landry had it in him to win a Super Bowl with players like Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Ken Norton, Nate Newton, and others who were not drafted by Jimmy Johnson? If Jerry Jones had kept Coach Landry on board, do you think he would have had success with new personnel management in charge of the draft?

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    First, I would like to thank you for all your contributions to the game and to the Cowboys.

    I have always believed that you played under tough circumstances while in Dallas and that you have never really received your due as QB of the Dallas Cowboys. Following Staubach, the wrist injury and the three consecutive losses to Philly, SF and the Skins, in the conference championship games all played there part. In truth, I do not know if you feel this way or if you would ever really share your true thoughts but do you feel as if your time with the Cowboys was under appriciataed? I do believe that you were under appriciated by the fans.

    I wish you continues success and am greatful that you were a Cowboy.

    Best of Luck Danny White.
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    What happened, (from your perspective), when you fumbled on the Cowboys' last offensive play in the last minute of the '82 NFC Championship game at Candlestick?

    I'm not knocking you for it, I just would like to read your explanation about what happened and what you were looking at downfield when the hit occurrred.

    For nearly 25 years I've felt bad for you because of that one play. You played so great that day and after "The Catch", you almost had us right back in FG position to win the game.

    That play haunts me to this day, because we would have avoided all the hype and praise given to Montana and Clark for "The Catch" and you would have received the credit you deserved for a remarkable game and a great career.

    Good luck and I hope to see you in coaching one day. I think you would be great at the NFL level.

    Thanks for all the memories,
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    What do you think of today's team?Do you see any characteristics of Tom Landry in Coach Parcells?Do you think this team have the necessary ingredients to win the Superbowl?
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    Danny, why were you such a choker?

    OK I'll be nice - Danny did you ever feel you may not have be given due credit for your efforts in Dallas? Did you feel overshadowed by Roger?
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    Danny, do you feel a desire to reconnect with the Dallas Cowboys organization on some level, and if so do you feel there's a chance of this happening (if it hasn't already)?
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    Danny, You were always one of my favorite players in the '80s. But, have you ever wondered how your career would now be looked upon if just a couple of small things had gone your way. Such as the Doug Donley drop of your 3rd and 8 pass in the 82 championship game that gave the ball back to the Niners or the 49ers jumping ahead of Dallas to draft Jerry Rice? By the way that '82 Championship game still ranks as my worst Cowboys loss ever.

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