Assistant coaches should be eligible for COTY

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by CowboyRoy, Dec 27, 2016.

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    IF there was ever a year where it was more true, its this year. Where would the Cowboys or even Garrett be right now without his OC and DC? What if Garrett was still calling plays and running the offense? Would we have still made the playoffs?

    THAT being said, if Garrett doesnt win coach of the year this year based on the parameters of the past, it is nothing short of highway robbery.

    The award has basically gone to guys that have won big and overcome adversity with the team. Garrett and the Cowboys qualify more than any team with this.

    And no doubt Garrett has been the best clapper he has ever been this year. Been patting more fannies then ever before. I also give him credit for making sure Dak stayed at QB. No clear cut evidence, but its pretty obvious he was having none of it from Jerry. But then again...........and casual Cowboys fan could see that Dak needed to stay put.

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