At 49, Majkowski has already lived 'nightmare'

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    GREEN BAY, Wis. -- The last two years of Don Majkowski's life have been what every current and former NFL player fears. The once-great quarterback who seemed poised to turn around the Green Bay Packers in the early 1990s is now experiencing nearly every possible downfall the game of football can present to those who played it.

    Only 49 years old, Majkowski has been in significant pain and agony. The player who used to attack defenses with reckless abandon struggles simply to leave his house these days.

    "I haven't worked, I haven't coached, I haven't done anything," Majkowski told "It's very difficult to even sit for five minutes. It's been a nightmare."

    The list of Majkowski's physical problems is lengthy and includes everything from degenerative disk disease in his neck and back to post-concussion syndrome. But his issues started with his left ankle. He's had 11 surgeries on it, including back-to-back fusions after the first attempt didn't work.

    "It's just locked in place now," Majkowski said. "I can't move my foot at all."

    Majkowski's ankle problems began on a memorable day in Packers history. On Sept. 20, 1992, he tore a ligament in his ankle, opening the door for 22-year-old backup Brett Favre to make his Lambeau Field debut. Favre led the Packers to a comeback win that day and started his next 297 NFL games. Majkowski – a rare combination of talent and swagger dubbed the Majik Man while finishing second in NFL MVP voting to Joe Montana in 1989 -- never took another snap in Green Bay and signed on as a backup with the Indianapolis Colts the next season.

    Three years later in 1996, by then with the Detroit Lions, Majkowski damaged his ankle further. He underwent surgery by Dr. James Andrews in June of that year and was told it would be a three-month recovery process. Sitting out for three months would have meant not playing in the preseason, which could have cost the then 32-year-old a backup job with the Lions.

    "My ankle was 60 percent, and they needed me to start a preseason game in Detroit," Majkowski said. "They asked if I could be dependable. I went out there and played and it numbed up. I tore it up, and it's affected me the rest of my life. That's what messed it up real bad.
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    Stop. Just stop. He is not Favre, and never will be. This is like watching Hogeboom complain about Aikman.
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    Ummm....did you even actually read the article?

    Clearly you didn't cause he didn't mention one time about being better than Favre or anything of the sort.
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    No, but he did refer to him as the "once-great quarterback". Majkowski had one pretty good year, but he was never great.

    Sucks that he has such physical problems.
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    It's not like that at all.
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    Man that was tough to read...can you imagine everyday of your life being impacted in that way? Makes able bodied people like Emmitt that much more amazing.

    I'm sure we have our fair share of tough guys here to say something ridiculous about it, or something unrelated that is just stupid, but hey that's just more for the blocked list.
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    Yeah at one point, in 1989, he looked like he was on his way to being something very special. He was beloved there. Then he tore his shoulder all to hell in 1990 and it went down hill.

    It happens.

    But at no time did anyone, the write or Don, try and make claim that he was as good or better than Favre or anything of the sort.
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    I agree with BraveHeartFan.
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    Wow, poor guy. It's shocking to hear of some of the later life day to day ailments some of these ex players have to live and deal with. I guess it's the price some have to pay, but wow.
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    He tore his rotator cuff... now 23 years later that's an injury QBs can come back from. For him, he never was the same.
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    Yep. he didn't have the benefit of the far better technology when it came to fixing those types of injuries.

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