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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Chocolate Lab, Sep 26, 2005.

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    This is a post from sfboysfan at another board. I thought it was a very good post from someone who was at the game.


    Largest observation: Other than the pick to Parrish returned for the TD. Bledsoe played extremely well.

    I was at this game, and watched Bledsoe frequently during the TV timeouts as he was literally all over the place, with coaches, players, officials. He really manages the game well from the field.

    Secondly, I no longer support all of the criticism of him standing in the pocket as an immobile statute. I'll tell you what he is a huge guy for a QB, that moves around very well in the pocket to sidestep the rush, never losing his focus down the field. Numerous times he would move out of the way of a rusher and as doing so fire an absoulte dart to a receiver. The deep bomb to Glenn, the sideline throw to Key setting up JJ's second 1 yrd TD, and the critical extra point conversion to Key are prime examples.

    I came away from this game extremely impressed with Bledsoe. He keeps playing like this and I can see him playing another 3 years or so of top caliber ball.

    Brings me to my second point our OL can can pass block with the best of them. SF has some very good passrushers, Young, Peterson, Carter, et all. There where many pass plays where Bledso had all day to make a throw, moving from one progression to the next, to the next, and sometimes back to square one. The one sack by Young was just a poorly executed play.

    We have some serious threats in the passing game. I read about this and it is true Key does not get all that much separation but @#%$ he will catch almost anything thrown his way regardless of the coverage. Glenn just routinely blew by his man. Crayton runs excellent routes from the slot, and Witten in the slot is just an absolute mismatch.

    JJ is fine. Watching him live, believe me he still has that burst. SF had 8 - sometimes 9 guys - in the box. Several times he broke throug the line, but with so many in the box there is no room to get going. That is why we had such a great day passing off play action.

    Ware will be very good. He is very fast, but right now one dimensional off the corner as a speed rusher. He really needs an inside spin move, and probably a bit more strength. I think he'll do ok this year, but really step out next year with the off-season conditioning plan. By the way he has learned to play the run very well.

    Spears and Canty are the real deal and will get better each week. These guys are huge, fast, super atheletic, wiht excellent instincts.

    Newman played really, really, well. Watched him on several plays both on the wide out and in the slot. Only once did I see him lose his man, and he breaks on the ball, really, really, well.

    Teams will spread us out in 4 receiver sets to get Roy out of the box. Everytime - which was most of the game - the 49ers went to their 3-4 receiver set, Roy was playing deep left with zone coverage. If I am a oppposing D-coordinator, and I see this film I look to go 4 WRs as much as possible and get Roy out of the game.

    We went bump and run alot, I mean a real lot, with both Henry and Newman on 1st and second down. If Henry does not get a good chuck, and the recevier gets an outside release he does not have catch up spped. I.E. on those long bombs to Lloyd, Henry did not get a good chuck at the line with Lloyd getting a fairly clean release. I'd try and get Newman on Moss as much as possible next week.

    Oh one more: Condo - sucks!
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    I have seen Bledsoe do that for 40 or so games! I SECOND THAT
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    Bledsoe is legit. We need to start getting Price more pt.
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    Even watching from home you could tell how well bledsoe was seeing the field and move around in the pocket. Hell when he got that TD run I was like, "Did I just see DB take off and take a hit like that in the EZ?" lol, I have been very impressed with him from the start, and I say buffalo fans are missing the heck out of him......if that makes sense, lol.
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    So who loses snaps on the field to give them to price? Key? Glenn? Crayton? Witten?

    Crayton could be our future #2, we need to get him plays. Glenn and Key are our best WR's right now, and I'd say Witten is a better pass catcher, right now, than both of them. Then you take out Juilus? That shouldn't happen, except when hes getting a few snaps on the sidelines for a blow.
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    They even commented on how big Bledsoe is. I think Goose said "We talked to Bledsoe I dont remember him being that big".

    It made me laugh. Bledsoe is a huge NFL QB. Did you see how hard it was to tackle him? The defender was at his ankles tugging on him and Drew stood there and took it and finally just tossed the ball away. Har!

    Im glad hes a Cowboy.
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    I think his assesment is very good. My points in my other thread are exactly this...Glenn blew by his man every play. I wish Drew would use appears he is nervous to make the throw in fear of making a mistake...he needs to trust himself and throw it to Glenn. I hope in time he will....

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