At The Turn...Some Interesting Stats On Dallas

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Oct 31, 2005.

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    Some stats which are interesting. Also some projections if players stay healthy.

    Drew Bledsoe has 2019 yards passing. He is 18 yards short of leading the NFL in this stat.

    His projected season total is 4038. This tops Danny White in 1986 who posted 3980 yards. Or Roger Staubach in 1979 who put up 3586 yards. Or Troy Aikman's 3445 in 1992. Or Don Meredith's 2500 yards in 1968.

    Drew Bledsoe is 4th in the NFL with a quarterback rating of 97.4. he is nbehind Ben Roethlisberger at 120.7, Carson palmer at 104.1, and Peyton Manning at 98.3.

    It must be noted that of the top four quaretrbacks in this category, Ben Roethlisberger has thrown for 1006 yards total. Which is 545 behind Manning and over 1000 behind Palmer and Bledsoe. It would appear Pittsburgh is protecting their Boy Wonder.

    Drew Bledsoe has 13 TD passes and only 6 picks. This cannot be emphacized enough after years of our quarterback throwing as many picks as TDs.

    Terry Glenn has 682 yards receiving. This puts him 5th in the league and 115 yards behind the league leader in Steve Smith who has 797.

    He is 105 in front of Plaxico Burress. it also puts him 148 in front of Randy Moss. And just for grins, 180 in front of Antonio Bryant.

    However, Glenn leads yards per catch with a gaudy 18.9. His catch total for the season is 36. That places him 22nd in the league behind the leader Steve Smith who has 50 catches.

    Anthony Henry has 3 interceptions. This puts him 3 behind the league leader. He is tied for 9th. However, he has 102 return yards off those interceptions. That puts him second in the league to Cato June with 115. He is tied for second with one TD on an interception. Again, he is behind the league leader cato June who has 2.

    Dallas has two defenders in the top 24 in sacks. Greg Ellis leads the team with 5 and is 15th. DeMarcus Ware is 24th with 4 sacks.

    As a side note, DeMarcus Ware has 24 tackles for the first half of the year.

    ***Terrell Suggs has 1.5 sacks. Darren Howard (remember him?) has 3.5 sacks.***

    The Dallas defense is 3rd in the NFC and 5th in the league.

    The Dallas defense is 7th in the league for points allowed at 17.1 and 3rd in the NFC behind Chicago at 11.6 and Tampa at 12.4. But of all the teams ahead of Dallas in this ranking in the league, only Cinncinati at 15.6 points per game allowed has played 8 games.

    The Dallas offense is 3rd in the NFC and 7th in the league.

    This is all pretty encouraging considering the teams we have fielded over the past half decade.
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    Don't forget we also lead the NFL in TOP.
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    What's amazing is Glover also has 4 sacks. Basically, Dallas has a 3-4 Nose Guard on pace for 8 sacks and a 3-4 DE on pace for 10 sacks. If you can get 5 sacks out of both your NG and DE in a 3-4, you're typically extremely happy.

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    BR has only played in 5 games, and his stats are skewed by blowouts against Tennessee and Cincinnati.
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    That's total points allowed by the team. Our defense has allowed 15.4 points per game -- or 15.0 if you don't count Seattle's final field goal, since our defense never was on the field.

    The defense also has allowed only three touchdowns in the past 19 quarters (almost five full games) against some of the highest-scoring teams in the league.
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    I think that is the key to these stats. The defense is doing so well against all of these quality offences. If Dallas can survive what has turned out to be a difficult schedule, they will be in good position to do some damage in the playoffs.
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    Stop the run and you stop the Steelers, BR can't take over a game.

    Of course stopping their running game is easiersaid than done.

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