At what point do you hold Jason Garrett accountable?

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by Zordon, May 12, 2014.

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    *29-27 coaching record. Never made the playoffs.

    *He's had a franchise QB his entire coaching tenure. Someone he has familiarity with since 2007 (one of the longest player/coach relationships in the league right now).

    *He's had the opportunity to revamp the entire oline to his liking since the 2010-11 purge (3 premium picks after failed experiment with low round picks/UDFAs).

    *He's had multiple defensive coordinators and now multiple offensive coordinators.

    *He drafted a tight end with a premium pick to switch to his desired 12 personnel.

    *He's gotten a draft to focus on the defense (7 of 9 picks on D).

    How much more does he need before he's held accountable for the lack of results on the field? Isn't this the year? Deservedly or not, we've praised him for improving drafting, bringing discipline to the team, and having a team that generally puts out good effort. As the second longest tenured coach in the NFC East, I think it's time this guy shows us something and wins the division.
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    Well...I guess we had a weekend free of this stuff. So I guess it is time to start up with this stuff again...cause apparently the other 200 threads and posts about it were not enough.

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  3. Doomsday101

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    Not sure what you mean by holding accountable? As a fan I hold him like any HC accountable for the teams success or failure. He has 1 year left on his contract and Jones is going to give that to him but thus far there is no talks taking place to extend his contract. Had it been my call to make I would have fired him at the end of the season. I don't make this personal, I like Jason but in the end it is about wins and loses and improvement.
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  4. TheRomoSexual

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    At what point does a UT player get drafted in 2014?

    Answer: Never!
  5. Doomsday101

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    Zordon, let me say just because I would have fired him does not mean I hope he fails this year. I don't make this stuff personal with coaches or players, as a fan I want them to win. If Jason can get this turned around and get this team winning I will be more than happy to see him remain. If on the other hand this season is a failure then I would hope they will replace him as HC.
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  6. Idgit

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    JG should be held accountable for the job he's done coaching the team from the time he took over for Wade in the middle of 2010. What I think you're asking is 'at what point should Jason Garrett be held accountable based on the team's won/loss record," to which my answer is 'at the point where we're not competing for Superbowls because of the coaching, and not because of the roster.' Until then, if we're improving our roster and improving the way we run things in the organization, I'd keep the guy in place. The same way you would not give up on a quality young QB that can't get a bad team into the playoffs.

    Practically, though, Jason's probably got to deliver the playoffs this season. I can see a scenario where he's extended during a small run of success for two more years, but I think it's more likely he gets this year to play things out and we see what happens from there.
  7. Zordon

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    I think we're at that point which is why I listed some of things he's been able to do and have the last 3.5 years. If Romo is healthy and Demarco remains healthy, I see no reason why this offense shouldn't be a well oiled machine with the oline improvements and growth of guys like Leary and Frederick. Combine that with a defense that will be in it's second year in a new scheme, with an improved coordinator, and more depth on the's time for some results from Garrett's team.
  8. big dog cowboy

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    I woke up this morning, washed my face, sat at my computer and hoped there would be another JG bashing thread for me to read.
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  9. Doomsday101

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    I think the main key will be the defense. Whie we added to the DL it is still an unknown of how they will produce. I fully expect Dallas to compete in the NFC East
  10. Idgit

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    It is time for results. Though the offense has generally delivered under Garrett, anyway. It's been the defense the last several seasons that's been our achilles' heel. But nobody should be using any of that as an excuse, anyway. This team has had a lot of cap and personnel issues going back to 2010, but that's all behind us, finally. I still don't love our LB corps and think we're rolling the dice at S and lack a real impact player (besides, maybe, Melton) on the front, but Jason's running on borrowed time from an NFL head coaching perspective.
  11. Zordon

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    I don't hope he fails. I want like hell to see Cowboys football in late January. I'm sooo hungry for it. But I'm also tired of being told to be patient when I see other teams being turned around a lot quicker. I'm also tired of seeing coordinators being held accountable while Jason remains untouchable. I can't remember the last head coach that was given 3 d coordinators and 3 o coordinators without any playoffs....this is a lot of leeway.
  12. FuzzyLumpkins

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    The desperation people have to have Cowboys players and front office personnel accountable to them is pretty sad.

    They never will be. Live in the world as it is and not how you want it to be.
  13. Doomsday101

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    I can't help what makes you tired. All I can say for myself I give any coach 3 full years to do the job if they fail to make major improvement then I look for that coach to be fired. He has a year remaining on his contract and again there is no contract talks taking place to extend him, I think this team will have to improve or else Jerry will replace him.
  14. Risen Star

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    "At what point do you hold Jason Garrett accountable?"

    When he's got a legit front office and the power that typically comes with the position of head coach.
  15. OhSnap

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    I wouldn't have hired him but once you have hired a green coach the dumbest thing you can do is be impatient.
    There was no failed experiment with the O-line. They cut the fat and started over.
    Just because they stopped running a 12 personnel doesn't mean a "premium" pick was wasted. After Miles checked out they were left with 2 rookies with Williams and Escobar, I'm no expert on the 12 but that probably had allot to do with it even if that was the plan in the first place, It coulda been a herring to get the Giants to prepare for something else, the reporters and fans have badgered him to damn death about who the OC was and what they were gonna do to the point it's dumb as hell. Why fans are so eager to let everyone know what the Cowboys plans are before the first game is crazy as hell.

    You can deny it anyway you want but he took over a skeleton of a team and has been hounded by injuries without the depth to replace them. If you think he's had a good team then you must think the Cowboys drafted good in the few years leading up to him becoming HC. I don't think anyone believes that. He's fast approaching the point where he's held accountable but he hasn't been there like many say.
  16. Jenky

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    Needs 20 more years IMO.
  17. CowboyFan74

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    First we need to find out which trainer/doctor is causing all these chronic injuries, then we can go from there....
  18. DFWJC

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    I think he's had time now to bring in a bunch of his guys. He's also had time to learn on the job and to get a staff that he approves of.
    So, even though the roster rebuild isn't complete, it's time (this year) to hold him fully accountable, IMO.

    I haven't looked it up, but has Dallas had the best record in the NFC East over the last 3 years?
    Maybe the Giants do . Certainly not Washington or Philly.
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  19. DFWJC

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    Looked up number of wins in 3 seasons...

    25 Giants
    24 Cowboys
    22 Eagles
    18 Redskins
  20. noshame

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    Oh Lord, more people whining about another whining thread. SMH:confused:

    As for the OP, about 2 years ago.
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