Atlanta Falcons Draft Grade

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Yeagermeister, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Yeagermeister

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    How did they do?

    #6. Julio Jones, WR, Alabama

    #27. Traded to Browns

    #59. Traded to Browns

    #91. Akeem Dent, LB, Georgia

    #124. Traded to Browns

    #145. (from Rams)...Jacquizz Rodgers, RB, Oregon State

    #158 Traded to Rams

    #192. Matt Bosher, P, Miami

    #210. (from 49ers)...Andrew Jackson, OG, Fresno State

    #230 (from Patriots) Cliff Matthews, DE, South Carolina

    2012 1st round pick...traded to Browns
    2012 4th round pick...traded to Browns
  2. Cowboy Junkie

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    this wasa a tough one. I thought they did well with the picks they had after the trade but they get a "D" from me for giving up way too much for JJ
  3. Muhast

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    I liked the Jacquiz Rodgers pick and Dent pick a lot.

    Julio Jones wasn't their first choice, they wanted AJ Green. That is the talk all over the Atlanta airwaves.

    So you just traded 5 picks for a player who wasn't even your first choice?

    5 picks, as in possibly 5 players who could have been starters, or maybe even hall of famers.

    Your betting your draft that he is a star. The last few times that happened were when NO traded everything for Ricky Williams who went on to play his best football for a different team, and the Herschel trade.

    So both times it didn't work out very well for the team that did it.

    I like Julio and think he could be a really good player, but for that many picks he has to be a superstar to justify it.

    If 5 years from now they have their first SB win in franchise history b/c of it, then it will have been well worth it to them. Otherwise he will be considered a bust and you'll probably start seeing signs like "WHO-lio Jones?"
  4. laythewood28

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    D. They got a good player but they gave up too much for a receiver when they could have taken a good receiver where they were at or traded down at still got their number 2 receiver. that team already has good offensive talent, they needed help on defense.
  5. basstapp

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    I think they are similar to our draft grade. the signed two electric offensive players and landed some great Defensive player. I think all draft grades should be incomplete until free agency because that is when the teams holes will be filled.
  6. Dmoore Esq

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    It was the only way they could bring in a WR of JJ's caliber, and they obviously feel he puts them over the top. I'll give it a B. It's a bold move. Gave up a lot, but when you're trying to win a championship now, you don't worry as much about draft picks that might not help you year 1.
  7. AmishGangsta

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    Just imagine if this was the Cowboys or Redskins, trading up to get their franchise receiver, and giving up so many picks, what kind of draft grade they would get.

    I think the media is being very generous (I've seen mostly A grades). They certainly have their favorites...

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