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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dwmyers, Nov 2, 2012.

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    Atlanta talk radio has one good Xs and Os guy (David Archer, a former Atlanta Falcons QB), and the rest are mostly forgettable. They're all too busy being a poor man's copy of Stephen A. Smith to take seriously.

    But one whopper by "Steak" Shapiro does have to be pointed out. He's a co-owner of 790 the Zone in Atlanta and he said.. I think Steak is one of the worst analysts on radio or television in Atlanta, so I'm not entirely surprised..

    "Tony Romo hasn't been the same since he was with Britney Spears."

    Otherwise, you get lots of quoting of Bill Parcells (you are what your record says you are), a lot of really angry and ignorant demonstrations that "stats are worthless" (typically using cumulative stats instead of success stats or rate stats), mostly trying to work past the notion that Atlanta is good, but maybe only top 5 to top 10 good.

    The other comment I've not seen well explained but seems common is the notion that our coaching is "poor".

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    Atlanta has a chance to prove it this year, but so far this team has been almost a bigger disappointment than the Cowboys. How many 1 and dones in the playoffs since Matty Ice has been brought aboard? More than the Cowboys with Romo?

    The difference is no one ever has expectations for the Falcons, therefore when they fail it's a footnote.
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    Not entirely on topic, as it's Ezra Klein talking about Nate Silver's political blog, but as ******** here has made the analogy between Nate Silver's work on the PECOTA prediction model that Baseball Reference uses, and the unwarranted attacks on his baseball model by various innumerate folks, and the current attacks on Nate Silver for his political model, I thought this series of posts is actually relevant.


    I see a lot of this from sports journalists, and I'm seeing more of it from Atlanta sports journalists than I'd really like to see. It's not the exception, it's the norm.

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    Britney Spears... lol :lmao2:

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