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    Artur, I was waiting for some 'special' topic to use my 10,000th post on, and your wallpaper qualifies.

    This wp is a movie poster, the kind you used to see years ago when art work for coming flicks was worth trying to get your hands on. It really reminds me of the type of poster ensemble cowboy or WWII films would have, with the stars comin at 'ya out of the wall. You'd be standing there (this was before the big multiplex theatres) waiting to buy your ticket, or for your bro to buy the popcorn, and the cast of the upcoming films would be leaping off the poster with lettering very much like you used here. It was so much more intriguing than videoed 'previews' of upcoming films. You wanted to see the movie just because the poster artist grabbed your senses in the lobby.

    I really love the lettering of the Attack Explosive - it just screams of old Roger Corman shock flicks. And the palette. Background.

    The best old movie posters, imo, were the B movies, anyway. You captured that. It's a very nostalgic style of wp. Love it.

    Muy bueno!
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    very cool. reminds me of the cover of a comic book
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    another good one,your backrounds are very good/creative. My only complaint is the quality of the pics used.

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