Audio: Bradie James on Ben and Skin

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    Bradie James stops by Ben and Skin Show

    Here's Bradie James sitting down to talk Cowboys football with The Ben and Skin Show...

    Bradie James on Ben and Skin

    Interesting thoughts on how this team reminds him of the team two years ago. That was the team that was supposed to build off the 13-3 record and go directly to the Super Bowl. The 44-6 loss to Philly ended those dreams and we all saw Jerry make changes to the dynamic of the locker room. I will say this. There doesn't seem to be any kind of divisive forces in this locker room these days. And I think there are a lot of guys on this team who learned a lesson from all that drama.

    That's kind of true about the minicamp stars. Everyone looks the part in shorts and helmets, but let's see what happens when the pads start cracking.

    Bradie doesn't sound all that confident in Jon Kitna, lol. I can see the Brad Johnson bashing, but I think Kitna would do a hell of lot better in relief than Johnson did when he got in the game.

    Good job by Bradie of backing up Doug Free.
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    There's no love-lost between Kitna and James.
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    Hopefully he thinks Kitna can't get the job done because of his skill-set and not just because he doesn't like him. I think he would do a lot better than Brad did though.
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    I'd like it better if that particular opinion were founded on dislike rather than observation.

    I'm at work and haven't heard the audio, I have to admit. I just know Bradie wasn't a fan at all of how harsh Kitna was evaluating his coverage and play diagnosis skills.
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    Exactly! I'd be more comfortable with that.
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    Didn't Kitna rip James specifically a few years ago? I'm sure he still ah an axe to grind.
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    Yeah, Bradie is not going to forget how Kitna was talking about how 56 didn't know what was going on and all that. I know I was pissed that he was being so disrespectful to our guy to a reporter like that, so I can't imagine how Bradie felt being the target of it.

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