Audio: Brian Price on Sirius NFL Radio

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dcfanatic, Mar 17, 2010.

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    the way up in a big way...

    Brian Price on Sirius NFL Radio

    About two months ago I don't think many people had him going in the first round, but that's all changed now.

    This kid would be a great addition to the Cowboys defensive line rotation. He can step in for Jay Ratliff at the NT spot on early downs to give him a rest every now and then. And on the Nickel defense he can play either DT spot alongside Ratlff.
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    Several people have also mentioned he would be a very good 34 DE (even though he's relatively short).

    I think he'd be a good addition on the DL because as you said, he could also play some NT on certain downs to relieve Ratliff now and then. Good versatility.
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    I will scream if we take a defensive linemen or linebacker in first round, we need OT or OG badly. Granted we can use a safety, but DT or linebacker, i will scream.

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