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    Broaddus, Choppy and Watkins on 'The Football Show'

    This is a good time to let everyone know, if you didn't know already, that Bryan Broaddus and RJ Choppy will doing radio shows every night from training camp on ESPN FM 103.3. They are teaming up with Joe Trahan as well. The shows will begin nightly at 7:00pm cst and go until 9:00pm cst.

    Here's the guys along with Calvin Watkins down at training camp from earlier tonight...

    The Football Show - July 23, 2010

    Wade did seem pretty relaxed today and I think this is a good thing. He's been here three years now so he knows this is his team and all of these players have his back.

    Tony Romo is the #1 reason this team is a Super Bowl favorite. If you are a team who has an unsettled QB position you should not even be thinking playoffs.

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