Audio: Audio: Broaddus: Ireland 'got into it' with former Cowboy James Marten

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    Broaddus: Ireland 'got into it' with former Cowboy James Marten

    This morning we heard a great interview with former Cowboys scout and now official ESPN Radio in Dallas scout Bryan Broaddus on The Ben and Skin show about his feelings on the Jeff Ireland situation with Dez Bryant.

    I had a chance to speak to Bryan shortly after that interview because we were scheduled to talk about the Cowboys draft picks and I asked a few more questions regarding Jeff Ireland's time in Dallas...

    Broaddus talks Ireland and Parcells

    I never heard that story about James Marten before. Coming from Boston College which is known for tough lineman I am not sure where the issue of him being soft came from.

    Here's a short blurb from Marten's scouting report on, read here.
    Positives: Has a tall, thick frame with room to add at least another 25 pounds of bulk … Has thick thighs, very long arms, adequate muscle tone and good timed speed … Shows a competitive nature and good toughness, staying with the play until the whistle … Durable player who will not hesitate to mix it up in the trenches … Fights on every play and makes every effort to spring the running back. ​
    No where in that scouting report is the word 'soft' used. Maybe it was just some talk from some scouts that had gotten back to Ireland which made him feel like he needed to challenge the kid and see where that situation wound up.

    This does show us a history on Ireland though.

    It tells us that he's maybe not the best people person and doesn't understand that sometimes he can't just throw out any sentiment without there being some retaliation from the guy across from him.

    I guess we can just hope that Jeff Ireland is going to listen to the criticism about his recent actions and move on from there.

    Did Parcells have anything to do with the questioning of Dez Bryant?

    I doubt it. Like Bryan says in the interview. This is probably Ireland all on his own because Parcells is a get in your face type of guy, but he's more savvy than Ireland.

    Great stuff from Bryan and I appreciate him being candid with me today.

    Tune into DCFanatic Radio tomorrow night for the rest of the discussion which is all about the Cowboys draft picks.
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    I don't remember the specifics of the coaches or players but I was thinking it was Kyle Turley or Chris Naoela (sp?) that went after a coach when they insinuated that the player was soft. Might have been Ditka or it might have been a story a coach told a scout. Whatever the issue I think a coach liked the action because it showed the player had fire in him.

    Now this of course would be a different situation with the dez incident but I could see that happening where someone might ask a player if they were soft just to see if they would react or shrink away.
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    Thanks for posting. I enjoy Broaddus.
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    Guess he didnt get into it enough with Martens. They still drafted the stiff.
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    I wondered what the connection was between Ireland and Parcells,,,why BP took him with I know. Neither is a people person.
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    Ireland needs to get ripped up by somebody in a back ally. I'd applaud that completely.
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    No kidding. He either was too soft or he had no athletic ability, because he couldn't play.

    But that's exactly what I thought of Ireland: A Bill wannabe who copied his style to kiss up to the boss.

    It was funny, though, how Bryan kept apologizing as if he'd done something wrong when he really hadn't. :)
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    Wow .... they are really going after Ireland.

    Starting to feel sorry for the guy.
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    This will blow over soon, but Ireland is going to get some flack for awhile.

    Ireland needs a PR makeover,,,to get shofter and in touch with his feminine side.
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    Jeff Ireland is from my hometown. I hadn't heard of him until I was watching a Baylor football game one Saturday afternoon. Ireland was their kicker and they mentioned he went to Abilene (TX) Cooper (I think). I tried to catch some of their games later that season just to see the hometown guy but honestly forgot all about him until he and Parcells were with the Cowboys. While I was watching that first Baylor game, I feel certain I was rooting for the other team. C'mon, it's Baylor. Anyway, having a hometown guy in the Front Office of my beloved Cowboys - now that's pretty cool. I've rooted for him from then on, even after he went to Miami. In all of the articles that I've read about him - most of which were posted here - I don't remember seeing anything like this mentioned in any of them. Maybe I glossed over it. Maybe not. I haven't gotten to hear the Broaddus interviews, so I can't speak about his history of this type of behavior. All I know is, to the best of my memory, this deal with Dez is the first thing I've seen in print. It's not like I grew up in a monastery or anything, but it's a shame when someone from my - relatively small - hometown makes it big & has some success only to mess it up with this type of behavior. It's not like the dude's my hero or anything, but it's very disappointing that he would do something like this.

    I'll be listening to DC's podcasts above for more info from Broaddus and I very much appreciate DC providing this and other information.
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    Reading the OP, I have no idea what happened. (Not going to listen to the audio).

    Anyone care to recap the Marten story?
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    Parcells is too savvy to use a Jap-move like that to embarrass a player.
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    The hypocrisy is strong in this thread.

    THUMPER Papa

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    Same here...
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    Not me. I don't feel sorry for him at all. IMO, he deserves everything he's getting in spades.
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    lmao didn't you hate his guts just yesterday
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    This TMZ BS is giving me tired-head.
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    :laugh2: I see what you did there.
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    I don't have a problem with a guy accusing a draft prospect of being soft. You'll hear far worse when you're in the NFL, particularly in the Dallas media.

    The Dez situation is completely different. It really has nothing to do with football and crossed the lines of good taste. Ireland apologized for it, people make dumb mistakes and as long as Ireland doesn't do it again, then I'd just put it away.


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