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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, Aug 16, 2010.

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    Broaddus reports from camp on Robert Brewster

    Robert Brewster was running with the first team today at Right Tackle and Bryan Broaddus jumped on Galloway and Company to tell us what he saw as the players worked in helmets and T-Shirts today...

    Broaddus report from the field

    I like hearing that Brewster is working hard. I have been harsh on him recently, but I would love to be wrong about him because it means the Cowboys get a good player.

    From reading the live practice reports today it was clear the offense bounced back in a big way as they put up some red zone TD's with Romo running the 2 minute drills.
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    We need brewster to come thru. He's a third round pick and we need him for depth. I think he's better suited at guard than tackle.
  3. Fletch

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    This is encouraging. C'mon Brewster. You have to be at least serviceable.
  4. CATCH17

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    They have an opportunity to see Young play with the 1's and they go with this guy?

    I hope they aren't thinking they are going to sneak Young onto the practice squad.
  5. Rampage

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    So Brewster is gonna start at RT in the next game?
  6. dcfanatic

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    I think if we see him taking first team snaps again tomorrow when they put the pads back on then yes.

    At least we here he's working hard. That's all we can ask from him right now.
  7. The Realist

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    Hopefully Brewster and Jason Williams make the team.
  8. jobberone

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    Brewster should be getting the snaps right now. Young will get to assert himself in SD with the second team. He'll get plenty of action.
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    I rewatched the first 2 preseason games and was watching the young offensive lineman. I thought Sam Young looked the best from what I saw and am predicting that he will get the job from Brewster.
  10. big dog cowboy

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    Brewster has been here longer and was a higher draft pick.
  11. CATCH17

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    Tell me that after he gives up a sack this week.
  12. dbair1967

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    Thats what it says on ESPN:

    Robert Brewster to start SaturdayAugust, 16, 2010 Aug 168:30PM CTEmail Print Comments By Calvin WatkinsOXNARD, Calif. -- Wade Phillips said he was pleased with the tempo of the practices here and Monday's two-minute session was really impressive, especially a nifty touchdown reception by Jason Witten over two defenders.

    More important, with Marc Colombo out 10 to 14 days as after undergoing knee surgery Monday, Robert Brewster will replace him in the starting lineup for Saturday's third preseason game at San Diego.

    "He had a lot of mistakes in the first ball game," Phillips said of Brewster. "And he cut down on those and he had one mental error in the second game, and that's a positive there because he [was] having trouble on the calls. He's got a lot of ability [and] he's got a good base and strong and he works hard. I like the way he's going and he's still young."

    *Alex Barron, the swing tackle who sprained an ankle in the preseason opener vs. Cincinnati, won't play again this week. If Barron were healthy, he would start in Colombo's place.

    "We would list him as doubtful this week," Phillips said. "I'm not sure in a regular season if he could play and would play. I really like his attitude. He's been banged up and he's worked diligently in trying to get well."

    Phillips said he wouldn't move Doug Free from left tackle to right tackle because Colombo is out. Free started seven games at right tackle last year.

    *Phillips also said he wouldn't reduce the number of snaps in Saturday's game for Tony Romo because of a new right tackle. The Cowboys might change the protection for Brewster, meaning a tight end on Brewster's side would stay to help him block a defensive end or outside linebacker. A running back would also chip away at a pass rusher to help Brewster.
  13. 28 Joker

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    Marc Colombo is going to need help, too.

    I hope Robert Brewster plays really good at RT. Some in the organization think he can play LT, and that is good, even if he can't. Brewster should be able to play RT next year for sure if he's good enough to hold his own at LT. If you put Marc Colombo at LT now, he wouldn't last very long, imo.

    Brewster may not be ready, but Dallas would be a better team if he was, imo.
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  15. dcfanatic

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    Hmmm. Brewster had a lot or mental errors vs the Bengals.

    I think I know one play in particular where he made a boo boo.
  16. CowboyFan74

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    God help us!!:nervous: :nervous: :nervous:
  17. dcfanatic

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    Don't worry.

    Stephen Jones and the Cowboys are happy with what they are seeing from Brewster on film...


    But every coach and scout you ask, they all the same thing. The same thing Cowboys VP Stephen Jones told me after practice Sunday, minutes after Marc Colombo’s knee injury.

    “I don’t know what everyone is talking about . . . we think he’s playing well,” Jones said of Brewster. “The scouts like what he’s doing. The coaches like what he’s doing. He’s done a good job for us.”

    All kinds of mental errors and missed blocks in game one.

    Then two penalties and a sack in game two.

    And we get 'we think he's playing well' from Stephen Jones.


    I can take hearing that he's a 'rookie' and he needs work.

    But why tell everyone he's playing well? It's nothing but BS.

    And it gives plausabiity to the idea that this team can't evaluate offensive line play very well.

    Yeah. I know. Doug Free looks pretty good now. But he hasn't even played one full game as a Left Tackle yet.

    And I am not even going to ramble off the names of young offensive lineman who have come thru recently who have been major failures.

    Honestly. Why is Pat McQuistan still on this roster? He's been hanging around for years now and he hasnt shown any improvement. Now he's a Guard. Great. And he will be cut in a few weeks.

    Why does it take this team more than two years to determine he's not a good football player?
  18. not_a_homer

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    Some executive who's not a coach thinks Brewster's playing 'well.' With respect to what, the fact that this is his first year seeing game action? Yes. People like Bryan Broaddus say Brewster is playing better. And Coach Wade didn't sugarcoat the fact that Brewster made mistakes in the first game and fewer in the second game. So what's the reason for this rant? He's not a star and he may never be, but good grief the next regular season game Brewster plays in will be his first, remember that. In addition, Sam Young, by all accounts did pretty well in the Raiders game. So maybe the Cowboys have turned the corner w/ regard to drafting O-lineman. And for the record, the issue w/ the drafting of O-lineman dates back to guys like Parcells, if you remember.
  19. dcfanatic

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    In your opinion did Robert Brewster play well in the two preseason games?
  20. sago1

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    Brewster better understand he has to protect Romo at all costs.

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