Audio: Chase Daniel talks Draft, Dallas Day, Maclin - 4/14/09

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dcfanatic, Apr 14, 2009.

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    Chase Daniel on GAC

    It's no secret he should have left school after the 2007 season.

    Now he may not even be drafted, but he will catch on with some team and it could be the Cowboys.

    If he winds up being another Drew Brees then he's going to be around for a while.

    Interesting that both he and Bomar stayed around for some extra work with Jason Garrett at Dallas Day.

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    good post as usual DC

    Chase Daniel
    QB, Missouri
    Height: 6-0 Weight: 218
    40-yard dash: 4.79 10-yard dash: 1.63
    20-yard shuttle: 4.31 60-yard shuttle:
    Broad jump: 9-0 225-lb. bench:
    3-cone drill: 7.34 Vertical jump: 33
    Wonderlic: 20-yard dash: 2.82

    War Room analysis
    Strengths: Shows above-average accuracy and touch on most throws. Is a great technician with a classic delivery. Locates open receivers quickly and delivers catchable balls. Reads defenses and looks off his primary target to find second and third receivers. Is a tough leader and proven winner. Executes the offense well. Makes few errors and is not careless with the ball.

    Weaknesses: Is a better player than athlete. Lacks height. Lacks the top athleticism to buy time in the pocket. Will not win games by himself; must get help from a good running game. Lacks the rocket arm to make 35-yard line-drive throws on the run.

    Bottom line: It is unlikely Daniel will impress during postseason workouts because of his lack of athleticism, but he is a much better football player than his test results will show. He is a competitive leader with the arm strength, accuracy and vision to play in just about any offense. Quarterbacks with Daniel's lack of height have often struggled to stick in the NFL, and he may fall to Day 2 because of his physical shortcomings. However, Daniel has the tools to not only make a roster but also to become a good backup in time.
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    Rhett Bomar
    QB, Sam Houston State


    Denver Broncos

    Round 5, Pick 13
    AP Photo

    Overall grade: 6.5
    Position rank: 5
    NFL comparison:
    Matt Schaub, Texans

    Height: 6-2 Weight: 225
    40-yard dash: 4.76 10-yard dash: 1.59
    20-yard shuttle: 4.06 60-yard shuttle:
    Broad jump: 8-10 225-lb. bench: 25
    3-cone drill: 6.91 Vertical jump:
    Wonderlic: 20-yard dash: 2.75

    War Room analysis
    Strengths: Has impressive size, strength and athleticism. Has big-time arm strength and can make all the necessary throws. Plays under control. Is tough as nails and will do whatever he can to win. Has a quick setup in the pocket and goes through his progressions well. Is a smart player and is impressive at reading coverages. Can make plays on the move and is a running threat. Is a leader and a hard worker.

    Weaknesses: Has room to improve on accuracy and mechanics. Will force throws at times and try to make something out of nothing. Can be a streaky thrower. Needs to put more air under deep throws.

    Bottom line: Bomar is a competitive player who leads by words and example. He's both physically and mentally tough, and he has the temperament to be a starter in the NFL. Bomar is a hard worker and wants to be the best player on the field every time he suits up. However, he has some mechanical work to do -- especially after his week of practice at the Senior Bowl. Despite having the physical tools to be drafted higher, he likely will be a third- or fourth-round pick.
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    I like hearing that. I'll take both. Bomar on Day 2, Daniel as a UDFA and be very happy.

    He worked with Jerry Rhome. Good move.
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    The next Drew Brees? Quite the comparison.
  6. Dallas

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    Ummm yeah...not a fan.

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    :laugh2: lmao
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    Looking at that video and reading this analysis makes me say, "huh".

    I mean that video shows me plenty of athleticism to be an NFL QB. My word, what do they want, MIchael Vick. That guy is fine when it comes to moving around in the pocket.
  9. aikemirv

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    "Hey coach, don't you have a box of tiussues out here on the sideline. I need to blow my nose"


    "Just pick it son, what do you think this is, a cotillion or something"
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    I've always thought that at best he would be lucky to be a 5th round pick.

    Daniels just doesn't project well in the NFL.

    Hes another one of those spread guys who took about 5 snaps under center his entire college career.

    Also being 5'2 doesn't help.
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    I actually kind of like CD and wouldn't mind us trying to develop him as an UDFA.

    I absolutely love Maclin though. The guy is going to make some team very happy, IMO.
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    Hard to say, but you may be right.

    He does look a lot like Brees in stature...and they both came from spread offenses. Can you recall what your thoughts on Brees were a few years ago coming out of Purdue?
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    I liked Brees a lot and was kinda shocked that he fell to the 2nd round.

    The Chargers lucked out that year.

    Atlanta gave them a lot to get Vick and the Chargers just smiled and got Ladanian and Brees instead.

    I honestly thought Brees was a bust though after his first few seasons and then they drafted Rivers and he just exploded.
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    One thing I can't stand about the dude is why must his first AND last name always be used? is his name chasedaniels?
    Watching the game it's a constant


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    I would not mind seeing Dallas take Chase late in the draft. I think the kid has some very good raw talent and could develop into a good QB. I like his leadership and his work ethic and think he would be worth taking late in the draft.
  16. DFWJC

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    I think there are meds available for that....may want to get it looked at.
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    Chase has no chance in the NFL and I hope the Boys don't waste their/our time :mad:

    Now Bomar is different he has some talent
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    He must have grown because he officially was measured at the Combines and was listed at 6'00" 218lbs. Still not very tall for a QB but he is a bit taller than 5'02"
  19. DFWJC

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    :banghead: --------------
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    I'll just repeat this for the doubters of this guy. He was the best high school QB in Texas the last decade. Hell, he was the best in the nation at one point.

    Chase is also the best QB in Mizzou history. Yeah, yeah, people dog him because he got spanked by Oklahoma, but Chase doesn't play defense or Oline which were huge problems in mismatch game slike that.

    Chase will make the NFL IMO, and can easily develop into a good NFL QB.

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