Audio: Audio: Coach Joe D compares Dez to Josh Cribbs

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    Coach Joe D compares Dez to Josh Cribbs

    Coach Joe DeCamilles talked with Coop and Nate yesterday about training camp in Oxnard and some of the battles going on right now...

    Coach Joe D on Coop and Nate

    Jesse Holley was making a name for himself on special teams before he went down with the hammy. I think he could have beat out Hurd because of the money issue had he not gone down with the injury, but now he's missing valuable time. It also seems like Coach loves the way Hurd approaches the game as a special teamer.

    Danny McCray may be taking the spot Pat Watkins has held for a few seasons. But I did hear that Watkins is back at practice today.

    Coming back from the injury I would just give Dez the punt return job. Let him get some rest and let someone else take on the kick return job for now.

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