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    Deion addresses Seth Wickersham article on BAD Radio

    First up. Seth Wickersham wrote the following article for ESPN the mag (March 22nd edition). Read the article and then listen to the interview with Bob and Dan.

    Seth Wickersham Article

    I know it's a long read, but it's full of good stuff and I only have one question for everyone.

    Would your kid growing up to be the next Deion Sanders be the worst thing in the world? Seriously. He's a big mouth self promoting know it all jock who thinks that his **** don't stink and that everyone should listen to what he's saying.

    So what? He's not even close to being the worst person in the world. And he's certainly a hell of a lot better mentor than some of the people who would be showing these kids how to live their lives if they were not involved in his football teams.

    Some of the coaches of these college football and basketball teams are far worse. They blatantly use kids to win games and further their careers. Should we look at them in a negative light as well?

    Here's the interview with Deion on BaD Radio...

    Deion on BAD Radio - Part One - Mar 12th

    Deion on BAD Radio - Part Two - Mar 12th

    In this world where most of the time the local news is nothing more than a daily body count and the national news is filled with stories of ELECTED officials finding ways to embarrass themselves we are really going to look at Deion Sanders like he's the worst thing that could happen to our kids.

    I think Seth Wickersham should explain to us how the amateur world of sports is all about money before he tries getting us to buy into the idea that Deion is some sort of devil in disguise.

    There is talk about adding more college basketball games to the NCAA Tourney. Guess why? They want to add more games so the Tourney lasts longer and there are more games to televise. Money. You think they really want to give all the other teams who don't get to enjoy the experience a chance to do so? LMAO. Just stop already.

    Deion can be annoying. He can self promote with the best of them. But in the end if those kids learn some discipline from being on his teams and are less likely to be out on the streets selling drugs or getting involved with gangs then who really wins?

    The kids are the big winners here. And yeah, maybe Deion wins a little too.

    He gets to have their cell number on his fav one hundred list for the next few years.
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    I've never liked Deion.

    I went to an Astros game when I was around 14 and he was playing with the Cincinnati Reds. I made it to the edge of left field to watch Deion throw the ball around and met another kid around my age in a Cowboys jersey. Deion wouldn't even acknowledge him when he kept asking for his autograph. He never even looked in his direction. He had the most smug look on his face with his jaw cocked to the side.

    When Deion came up to bat during the game I was part of the 90% in attendence who booed him.
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    and deion should have stopped warming up and signed your friends jersey?

    and then the hundreds of people that rushed up at that point to get his autograph because he gave it to that kid? He should sign for them too?
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    You are so annoying. You need to change your name from Four to "gnat."

    Your avatar is fitting because Rowdy is annoying too. I see why you chose it.
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    I dont think Deion should mentor a cat, must less a child.
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    have you ever had a positive moment in your life?

    you must suck the life from everything around you.

    everything you say is negative and complaining about something. If not the team it's deoin, if not deoin its me. You seriously twisted everything that happened that day into a negative because you are a negative nancy 24 7. And you love to share your negativity with the world.

    matter of fact, because I don't care enough to do it, but I challenge you to find an entire post of yours that was positive about anything.

    and you spout the same negative bs over and over and over like in the Bennett threads. What was the point in posting in each one and the same thing in each one, like you didn't post in all of them. And then you have the audacity to call me annoying?

    lol @ you.
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    You really are, and if you have that big of a problem with what I post you need to use the ignore button.
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    ...part of the article I found to swallow.

    "A boy fumbles. It's the fourth quarter of a game that Sanders' youth team leads 38-12. So far, it's been a good afternoon, with Deion cajoling his players, hugging them after big plays, giving them hope. But then Shedeur, Sanders' youngest son, coughs it up on a sweep. As the boy walks to the sideline, Sanders gets in his face. "I give you the ball, and you fumble?" he says. He crouches to make eye contact, then explodes backward in disgust. "Are you crying? You're crying!"

    Sanders doesn't coach criers. Cry on the field, you cry in life, he believes. Shedeur tries to walk away, but his father grabs him and pulls off his helmet. Face the crowd, he insists, so everyone sees those wet cheeks. The boy is humiliated, his teammates are scared, and other parents nervously watch. Is this discipline and structure, in the form of tough love? Or is this a well-intentioned coach with poor methods?

    Sanders looks at his son and shakes his head. "Go back to your mama."

    The boy walks off, leaving everyone to wonder."

    Seth Wickersham is a senior writer for ESPN The Magazine.

    If this really happened I would have to say that he is not suited to coaching young kids. There are many ways to deal with children not being able to handle the situation emotionally without having to resort to humiliation as a tactic to develop a mature response.

    I only coach in Canada, but in America if you were caught doing this to another person's child would the coaching association or league suspend you?
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    Deion Sanders weighs in on shocking Goldy Gopher kid-trampling controversy:

    "There's a brother in there. There's a brother in there, I'm telling you. His sales are gonna plummet, but there's a brother inside of Barney. Take off his hat, I guarantee you there's a brother in there."
    <H2 class=date-header>Ex-Wife Claims That Deion Sanders Stole Kids Money</H2>
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    his father grabs him
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    ...that just because you are the kid's Dad that this is acceptable behavior are you?

    If I read the article correctly he applies this rule to all of the players. So if your son is on his team and he fumbles the ball...if you saw him do this to his own kid the weekend earlier would you not expect him to do this to your kid also???

    How would you or the wife feel if he took the helmet off your kid, turn him around to face your child's team and start calling him out for crying?

    I hope you don't feel this acceptable for any child to face your own included.
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    I do like Deion. Very much in fact. I'll tell you why. I have told this story before. At the Christmas game in 1995 I saw him give an autographed football to a girl in a wheelchair. After that he was getting other players to sign footballs and he snuck them to all the kids in the wheelchair section. I thought it was very cool of him.
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    It was going too far.
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    i highly doubt he would go to that extreme if it wasnt his son. c'mon you people have to realize that that is the son of deion sanders, there are going to be certain expectations(fair or not) that are put on him by outside people as well as deion. some coaches(at all levels) use the humiliation tactic, most likely it was used on deion as a kid by his coach or father and now he is passing it on. you may not agree with it but it is not unheard of and is effective in those that have a drive to do better or those that seek approval which most people will fall into one or the other of those.

    jeez everybody is so sensitive about everything now days, its still football people, even at the peewee level it is a uber competitive and a tough mans game, he doesnt want his kid to fumble and doesnt want him to cry about it, i wouldnt want my son to do those things either. im glad he came down on his son it shows that he isnt getting special treatment, ive been on too many teams where that wasnt the case
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    That street goes both ways...if you find him so annoying and have a problem with what he posts...since you have stated multiple times that he is about you turn that advice back on yourself and ignore him.

    Just Saying.
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    This is some serious OWNAGE right here.:laugh1:
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    posting the part of the story where he answers a mom's call for help because her child, who's one of his players, keeps losing winter jackets she can barely afford ?

    How about posting the part of the story where he takes this inner city kids and exposes them to the good side of town where they can play safely and in good fields, apparenly offending some yahoo of a coach who thinks those kids are " professionals " and HE is going to tell his kid " the truth " about Deion Sanders some day ?

    Oh, and by the way, why is it admirable when a drunk tells a woman " there's no crying in baseball ", but " over the top " when a coach tells his kid he doesn't coach cryers ?

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