Audio: Audio: Deion vs Werder on Ben and Skin

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    Most of us knew that Deion was going to chime in on the Cowboys first round pick because some of problems in the past for Dez Bryant were centered around the former NFL CB.

    And here we go...

    Deion and Ed from The Ben and Skin Show

    I agree with Werder and I definitely think the Cowboys want Dez Bryant associating himself with Michael Irvin and not Deion Sanders.

    Last season when Deion got involved with Michael Crabtree it turned into the kid holding out throughout training camp.

    If the kid is going to have a nice solid start here in Dallas then I plead with him to stop talking with Deion Sanders.

    And some of you out there hate Ed Werder and I get it. But he's right about not naming sources. I hear lots of different things from people that I am told to keep off the record and I am just a silly blogger. So I am sure Ed Werder is telling the truth on this one.
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    two want to " duke it out " in the middle of Texas, be my guest, but keep it out of Valley Ranch and out of Dez Bryant's business..

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