Audio: Audio: GAC talks about Dez sneaker situation (Nike vs Under Armour)

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, Jun 2, 2010.

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    Unless you knows the details of the contract, you should not assume he is not honoring it. He very likely could have a clause that states if for any reason he is not comfortable with any of their products then he does not have to wear them. I know Nike is that way when it comes to their equipment. So it would not surprise me if other companies were the same way.
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    Many lineman wear the 1201 mids. They come in widths all the way up to 4E and for the big boys that matters sometimes.
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    Awesome info! Gotta love it.
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    Yeah, that's what Romo does. He has his contract with Starter, but wears Nike shoes. They just cover up the logo on gameday.
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    ...called Vibram FiveFingers and I recommend them to anyone looking to improve their posture, their running form and their gait.

    Only problem is they have flexible thin membrane rubber foot bed and mounting cleats to them may prove difficult.

    You would probably really feel the mounting hardware and the cleats as they bottoms twisted. Never mind having someone in cleats step on your foot that is covered only with nylon fabric.

    Great shoe for running and other less intense sports.
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    How dare you? I'm reporting this post to Calvin Watkins!
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    ...consider more "boutique" brands such as Brooks, New Balance or even Asics.

    Those three companies use multiple manufacturing lasts and have a large product line to fit many foot sizes.

    For many shoes you can also have custom orthotics fitted into a stock retail shoe.

    Pumas are a specialized shoe manufacturer who typically focuses on lifestyle marketing of their products. Unless you have a narrow long foot you may find them hard to wear.

    Think of the Trendcat as typical of their offerings in shoe sizing.
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    Under Armour may want to design and customize some shoes for Dez. While their motto may be protect this house I'm more concerned with protecting Dez feet. :D
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    I see a Dr.Scholls endorsement coming if he's forced to wear the UA cleats.
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    Hey Dez how you doing? "I’m gelling like Magellan" :lmao2:
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    My feet are narrow and long, and as flat as a pancake. Wore Converses until I ran track in HS - coach had a contract for Pumas. Horrible, horrible.

    Tried one pair of Reeboks - gave them away after a month.

    Had ortho inserts in college, until someone told me to try Asics. Loved them; God's gift to my feet.

    Heard really good things about Brooks, but I'm past the age for experiments.

    Asics for running, Nikes for all else.
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    Which is exactly why I used the word - IF.
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    I swear by New Balance many years ago when in basic training that is all they had and I think I logged 200 miles running on that pair
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    Nice try :rolleyes:

    You said "IF he signed a deal with Under Armour", which he DID. You didn't say "I know he signed with Under Armour, but IF the contract stipulates he wear nothing but Under Armour shoes, I don't know why the kid can't just honor the contract". You were flat out wrong on this and you know it. You spouted off at the mouth as you usually do about something which you have absolutely NO knowledge of. The NFL is literally filled with players who have shoe deals with one company but wear the cleats of another for comfort or performance purposes. But don't let fact stand in the way of your jaded black/white view of the world.

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    Stilletos :lmao2:
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    addidas or converse, anything else is too nerdy for me.


    I will say though, I had a pair of asics(I think that's how you spell it) when I played a ton of tennis, those were a great pair of shoes.
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    Bolded the gay parts.
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    I have wide feet (my dad calls them frog feet, God I love that man) so I really only wear New Balance 2E or 4E shoes. I have a devil of a time finding dress shoes too.
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    I wore capri pants too.
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    Pictures or it didn't happen.

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