Audio: Is Galloway calling out MBIII here?

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Jun 2, 2010.

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    When Ken Hamlin's play went down hill after he received his big contract a lot of people started saying it was because he got paid.

    But what about Marion Barber? Would you challenge him on that same level?

    Galloway worried Barber got paid

    I don't think getting paid has anything to do with MBIII's play slipping over the past couple of seasons. It's more about the pounding his body takes on a game to game basis. Mosley is probably right that the guy needs to take a few less hits in trying to gain that extra inch on every play. I will even point out that on occasion him not willing to go down has sometimes wound up in a fumble too.

    Who starts at RB is of no concern to me. But Felix has to be the guy getting the most touches and Tashard Choice has to be used a bit more than in the past.
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    I agree but maybe not for the same reasons. The MBIII supporters out there point to his long 15 - 20'ish yard runs as a reason for him to continue being the starter. What I see is a hole that Felix or Tashard could have taken to the house and not got caught. I love MB's heart but he isn't elusive by any means.
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    marion's aggressive style went away as soon as he got the new contract. plenty of cowboy fans i know noticed it right away. he's never been fast or elusive, but his reputation was that he was the most ferocious runner in the nfl.
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    The truth of the matter is that if everybody's minds got wiped clean of what has happened in the past and what guy's contracts are, MB3 would probably be the 3rd running back on this team. Felix is too explosive not to be the main guy, and Choice has probably done more with less than Barber can at this point. Barber has established a role over the years and now it's contributing to who gets the playtime. Whether or not this is a good thing has to remain up the coaching staff.

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